Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Superhero tag

Wonder Woman by the name of Dora tagging me this Super Hero meme. Thank you Wonder Woman. It took me few days to decide who I want to be, but in the end, I decided I want to be the Storm from the X-men series.

Superhero power I want
Able to command storm and rain when and where I want to

I can bring some rain hope to those people that stay in dry areas.

Downside of this power
I wouldn’t be able to control my power when I am angry

My superhero nickname
Storm aka Ms Moody

My motto
Rain is my friend

Sworn enemy
Those who started the bush fires

Official vehicle
I can fly and travel fast like lightning, so I do not need any vehicle

Day job
During the normal day, I would work as weather forecaster, checking out on the world’s weather

Not going to tag anyone this time, so who want to be superhero are welcome to join the league

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