Friday, April 4, 2008

Iritating Bunch

I am not a skeptical woman, but when come to men (particularly the whistling wolves) I cannot stand of not scrutinizing the opposite gender. I do not mind them to look and admire you, but if the situation becoming too rampant when they start talking senselessly and ogling at you like you are a transparent piece, that is way too much! I know that every individual has the right to look at whatever and whoever they want, but I am trying to say that as a civilized individual, we should be more tactful and not perturbing into other people’s privacy.

Sorry if I sound boastful but I do get some attention from the opposite gender. It is always feel good to be admired afar (ladies, please do not tell me that you don’t like it!!). However, just don’t attract the wrong attention, ok?

As for guys, please be civilized a bit, be a gentleman. Do not over do it. It makes you look like a bunch of crazy dogs. Even dogs are adorable than you!

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