Friday, April 18, 2008

Lengthy Form

Anyone submit their income tax form yet? Due date is end of the month though!
I just collect my form today and I already have some problem completing the 2nd page! So long! And my BM also deteriorating over the years, hardly understand some of the words in the form! lol! Sometimes I wish they have both BM and English (Chinese too) for conveniences of income tax payers! Don't you wish the same??
Hmm, either way I need to submit mine before the date line. Anyone used its e-filling? How is it? User-friendly?


Haney said...

Ahah..if the papers are in BM, I would go nuts.

U.Lee said...

Hi Rose, we did ours end of March and within a week received $$$ back from the Government.
If they pay, i.e if any, and late, they pay interest.
Thats how I managed to buy my new Apple Imac 24,ha ha. Previous pc 14 years old.
I really love your blog header picture, romantic...guess you the sentimental, candle light, moonlight dinners kind of lady, huh?
Stay easy Rose, and have a nice weekend, best regards, Lee.

Hazel said...

hi, just passed by and wish u a happy weekend.

Rose said...

Haney, I gone a bit nut already! Hahaha!

U Lee, thanks you have wonderful weekend too

Hazel, Happy weekend to you too!

suesue said...

To be frank, after working so many years I still dont know how to fill up the form and I dont bother to learn also. All is done by hub and most of the time is last minute submission.

Jen's Place said...

use e-filing which is much user friendly than that long lengthy manual form. The only downside is once u start using the online version, you cannot go back to use the manual version. Kinda of silly if you ask me...

Rose said...

Sue, you still not used to filling it? Not to mention me who just started to fill it for 1st time! ;p I remember I filled it once for my dad, but that was long time ago.

Jen, yeah, very silly procedure. Not flexible enough for the tax payers