Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sport shoes revival

After 3 weeks of absenteeism, I was finally able to join my aerobic class yesterday. Everyone was asking about my disappearance. ;p

The instructor was unable to conduct the class yesterday due to migraine. Geez! So coincident! Just when I am back from 3 weeks lay out, the instructor is unable to make it! But luckily one of the participants used to be an aerobic instructor and she willingly take over the class. So, not to disappointment of everyone that were there, the class went as usual. Been laid off for so long, I have some difficult time following the pace. Puff * puff * puff! Really take my breath away! My back is still in pain and I having some muscle pains around my thigh areas.

The aerobic centre is starting a yoga class, first class been this evening. 2 classes per week. Hmm, I have never keen in yoga, I find it rather slow! ;p I like aerobic steps, fast pace and routine movement all the time!


Zooropa said...

I enjoyed doing the Reebok steps last time. I don't like yoga too, I love something more energetic so I'm going for outdoor exercises.

Rose said...

Same with me! Looks like we both have same interest besides tennis! Hahaha!