Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A kind of accent

How I hate those people that are trying hard to have an accent. Why don’t they been themselves, a Malaysian with Malaysian accent?? They are trying hard to have an accent, and it is even harder not to get annoyed by them speaking in such way. Alright, they may have further their studies for few years abroad, but why do they need to pick up those accents? And why can’t they throw away those accents once they come back here?? Pretty hard is it? It is even harder for us not to laugh at some of the words you used.

For example, someone would say “fu-oh” to you and it take you few seconds to decipher and come to a conclusion that he is saying “four” to you. Oh boy! Pretending that you understand the single word he is saying is one hell of a job! ;p I have an ang mo (New Zealand) boss, I have to admit, I had problems understand him when I started working in this company!! But practice make perfect, I have learnt (and still learning) to understand his accent. I am not good at speaking proper English more than writing them so I am not pretending to have an accent to sound like Englishwoman when speaking to him.

I could go on with those funny accent, but I won't. I'll stop now as I do not want to offend anyone. ;p However, anyone want to share on some funny words that you have difficulties to understand at first place? Come on, spill it out!


janicepa said...

but it's an automatic kinda thing wor.. when you head ppl speak funny u tend to be funny too.. kekeke..

Rose said...

follow the trend huh, Janicepa? Hahahah

Jen's Place said...

This reminds me of my colleague from China that unintentionally insulted me by saying that you Malaysian speak English funny, i.e. not the perfect British English. So, I kek back lor and say you also same back, speak English like someone from China. hahaha..he din do it on purpose lar but it makes me geram at his insensitivity and always bragging that China is better and yet he is in Msia working?

mama bok said...

Wow..!! heng ah..!! after 8 yrs in Canada.. i still speak like chena moi.. muahahhaa!!