Friday, April 4, 2008

All about home

I was telling darling hubby the other night on how I would like our new home to be. Nothing fancy but comfy. Not too many furniture and built-in for easy cleaning.

We were discussing on how we want our bedroom, living room and kitchen to be, what items to be added in and additional powerpoints and extension work for some areas! We are expecting to spend over RM50K for just wet kitchen extension. *cold sweat* Not very cheap to own a dream home, don’t you think so?

We have withdrawn some fund from EPF last year and have put aside those for some of the furniture. Hmm, I was thinking of getting some furniture and equipment on installment basis but hubby insisted otherwise. Why need installment? Sometimes those furniture are not worth buying! Ok, since he insists, I better keep my mouth shut! LOL!

Buying house is a big investment! I never consider it as an asset, until we have settled all our loans with bank. How can a house be an asset when it does not belong to you and when you are paying the bank for the loan owed? So a house is a big purchase (liability) when you (normal people like me) are spending most of your live paying for it! Do not forget the expenses that come with it such as assessment rates, monthly utility and household bills, repairs and maintenance works.

We are thankful that we currently staying in my parents-in-law’ house. We do not have to pay much except monthly utility bills. The house compound is bigger than our future home. 4 cars fitted in comfortably within the car pouch (we extended the side and cemented to put in 2 cars). Where can you find a terrace corner house that can squeeze in 4 or more cards nowadays? Hardly! Land and house are getting scarce and expensive each day.

We dread the day when we finally move into our new home and start to pay all those expenses! Guess we cannot escape from those things but on good side, at least there is a house that we can call our own home.


Hazel said...

just pass by to say"Hi". Have a nice day!"

Zooropa said...

Yes although everything costs u money, staying in own home is kind of enjoy, freedom, peace of way to stay wth my in-laws!!!


Rose said...

Hi Hazel, thanks for dropping by. :)

Dora, yeah correct. Got pros and cons of owning a house

mama bok said...

I really wouldn't mind staying with my in laws.. :)

Rose said...

Mama bok, for my case, my in-laws seldom here. They stay in Kapit. We are staying together with bro and sis in law! Luckily both parents-in-law are very open-minded persons but then again, sooner or later, we need to get own house too