Friday, April 18, 2008

Perfect hairstyle

Everyone has different facial feature, as such certain hairstyle may suit your friend, but not you. It is a trial-and-error process, dare to try new haircut before you finally come to term with the hairstyle that suit you. It is always good to get your hair stylist to advise you on what fit you (as they should know better) and update you on latest trend, treatment and products.

Getting a right cut can maximize or accentuate your facial feature. Have your hair trimmed every six weeks to avoid split ends and maintain its condition and manageability.

Long face – fringe will disguise a long forehead or chin. A shoulder- length style will add volume and broaden the face

Square face – Any style with off-centre parting, graduated layers or soft curls

Heart-shaped face – a layered bob with extra volume, which sits outwards and counteracts the narrowing of the face at the chin

Round face – soft, feathery cuts with length and layers can slim down a fuller face

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