Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am stumped

What should I do? Throw them away or keep them till someone start to make a noise again? I am totally stumped: I don’t know what to do with them!

“Them” here is referring to my old, second hand magazines. I love to collect magazines as I can read their articles all over again. Some magazines like Women’s Weekly have interesting personal and household tips and food recipes which I adore very much. I cannot simply part away from them just like that, right? I got my passing-down magazines from a friend and bought some at the Satok Sunday market, where there is a stall selling outdated magazines (1 or 2 months past their publication month). They selling them for RM5 (local magazines) to RM10 (imported magazines) per piece.

Again last night hubby was criticizing my tidiness (I am not very good at keeping my stuff in orderly manner). At night I love to browse through my magazines on bed then throw them on the floor or side table. Usually they will stay there as it is for days till my next spring cleaning round. *wink* Why don’t he just leave me and my magazines per se?

Alright, I know I am mean here and it is time to move on too. Either I throw them out or keep them out of his view. But question is: where can I keep them as there is not much space left in the storage rack, not to mention the downstair storeroom. So, I am in dilemma here. I know that it would be difficult to buy some of the magazines in the market again if I decided to throw them away. I would love to bring all those magazines with me when we move to our new house too, but problem is no space to keep them in our current place. Wish I have a magic wand that can make them disappear in thin air and only come out when I swing my wand. *laugh* Oopps, now I am too stumped that I am starting to have such imaginative mind.


PEARLY said...

hi dear How are u and your little sweetie pie ? I am fine with my baby , lated lot of work and after so tire didn't pop in to write a new post .
glad you pop around to leave a msss to me I am so glad u remember me as a friend.

hi don't worry la put it all in a box and put in some way hubby can't see so he wouldn't nag u hehehe I always do this .
is so hurt to throw thing we love away I have lot of cooking book I collect al this years there in boxs some in my stoner room some in my bedroom hahahha some in my guess room every way gosh that driver my hubby nut too.
hehehh relax and enjoy the lovely weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rose said...

Thanks Pearly. They love to throw our things, right? Glad you are doing fine. Dont tired yourself out.

U.Lee said...

Hi Rose, get rid of them. You going into your beautiful new home. Can always buy new editions.Ha ha.
Rose...drop in my place...might interest you.
Best regards, Lee.

Rose said...

Hi U. Lee, sayang lah! Really don't feel like throwing them. I don't think I can get them anywhere.... :p

janicepa said...

Dont think you will hv time to do this leh .. but.. u can cut those articles that you like out and make into a book lor... kekeke...