Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am hot!

I just got back from outside. It is sooooo warm outside, I think I have burned few calories and fat under the hot sun.
Before I prepared lunch for myself and darling hubby, who is actually calling for me from the living room downstair now, I thought I better pen some posts in my blogs. Want to know where have I been to?
Check out our morning adventure here! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. It is time to prepare lunch. Chow!


Dav DiDi said...

Rose, I can't see your tagged....

linda said...

My goodness, it's been a really really hot weekend here in California as well! I feel like I've been baking this whole day!

Haney said...

Well...nothing compared to Singapore :P

Rose said...

Didi, tag in my other blog! :)

Linda, yeah, I was sweaty. How i miss the aircon in the office yesterday! Hahah

Haney, Singapore also hot? At least no haze right??

Linda said... Singapore normally hot during summer? I've never been there, although I really want to visit!!! I'm going to Japan next year for cherry blossom, perhaps I'll drop by as long as it's not overly warm! :)