Wednesday, April 2, 2008

After the movie

We watched Ah Long Pte Ltd last Saturday! I got 2 free tickets from Star Cineplex, so decided to utilize them. Initially plan to watch 10,000BC but darling hubby has bought its DVD, so decided to watch other movie instead. Ah Long Pte Ltd is a worth-watching comedy, packed with laughter and songs. You will laugh till your jaw dropped and muscle cramped! We enjoyed the movie very much.

The movie focuses on a life of a female gangster cum money lending triad leader and a sissy male dance instructor. The woman’s dream on bettering the money lending business with less violence and more systematic way of doing business. In order to avoid constant nagging from her mother on marriage proposal, she forced this dance instructor to marry her! Enter this sissy dance instructor into her life and money lending business! Either he likes it or not, he has to help his wife in re-constructing the business plan

The director of the movie is trying to portrait the real life of money lender and way of tormenting their victims (borrowers). There was a part where a young victim pledging with the loan sharks not to beat her family up! It was heart-breaking when I think that it is what happening in the real world. Do they have rights to beat up their victims for not paying on time or turn back on them? Whose fault it is in this case? Should we blame the borrowers for borrowing money from them? Should we blame the lenders for offering such deeds to them and charging high interest?

Pretty unfortunate that youngster, businessmen and financially-struggling people are resorting to borrowing money from those money lenders and in the end, tied down with huge amount of unsettled debts. Eventually that leading to disastrous ending, such as family break-up, becoming fugitive by running away, business fall apart, and sometimes resulting in suicide/death. Our government in previous years have been advising publics against borrowing money via media as not to encourage such illegal transaction, but life goes on! Money lending companies will never die off whether we like it or not! When there is demand, there is supply for such goods and services………(oops, now I am getting too serious! LOL!) On the real serious not I am sad to discover I am no longer have privilege to access my blog from office! I got blocked! ;p Meaning I can't go into my blog during the day time, so I would have much limited access to my beloved blogs! That does not mean I will give up and neglect my blog. :) So from now onward, I will have lesser posts due to inaccessibility to blog world……sob sob sob. :( (psst, it is not April Fool's joke, it is one day late by the way to play prank on others)


mama bok said...

Local film ka..??

Rose said...

Singaporean film

janicepa said...

it's so de FUNNY hor.. the way the sissy dance teacher act.. gosh !!

Dav DiDi said...

Free ticket?? How?

Rose said...

Janicepa, yeah, I enjoy the dancing, silly Sporean jokes and singing! Very entertaining!

Didi, got from Star Cineplex. They gave to us, as for our support!