Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trust your husband to cook

If you let your man to cook a decent meal for you, then you may need to think of “tapau” (buying take away) just in case. I have experienced this before with hubby wanted to cook for dinner.

So I was happy on such occasions (of course) at the idea of coming home and having warm food welcoming me. But it turned out (always turn out) that the decent meal to him is “maggi mee”! Lol! Sometimes I wish I have a hubby who knows how to cook! I don’t want a cook as a husband, but a husband that can cook proper meal. Maybe for him, instant noodles or bacon, ham, baked beans and eggs are proper enough. Guess he is just not out from his old college and bachelor day diets. *wink*

Darling hubby was up to his cooking cap again on Monday evening, and he suggested that he cook! Since he is leaving his current job to join another company by next month, he usually reaches home earlier than me for the past few weeks. Back to the dinner, guess what he cooked? No consolation, okay? And yes, it is instant noodles again. Well, at least he tried to add some varieties to the noodle by putting in some vegetables and meat. After the dinner, he told me he was still hungry! Lol.

My little advice to you. Should your man want to cook for you, always keep in mind, do not expect too much from it! So, does your hubby cook? And if he does, what is his “signature” dish?


Amei79 said...

Hey better dont look down on a man, most time man cook better than woman. dont believe? do u notice that most restaurants, the chefs are man? :)

Rose said...

Hi Amei79, yes i know that the famous chef are all men! I never look down on them! hehehe! But those average men like my hubby, can only fry egg and cook instant noodle! hehehe

mama bok said...

Mine donch know how to cook maggie mee.. only beef stew .. and instant potatoes..or baked chicken.