Monday, April 7, 2008

Those were the days

The last time I had supper was when I was pregnant with little gal! I turned hungry pretty fast in the evenings! Even if I had my dinner around 7 something, I still need to feed myself something around 9pm. I have tried to sleep early around 8 something, but it did not do me good. My stomach reluctant to let me go peacefully, so I need to feed it well before I can doze off at night. Thank god my supper habit did not continue after my pregnancy term.

Gone were those days when I stay late at night, gone out for few drinks and supper with friends. We love to hang around the cafĂ© and karaoke lounge, chit chat and sing to our heart’s content. After few round of drink and karaoke-ing, we always ended up at Kuching Open Air Market for supper. It is a food hawker centre, where you will find local foods and drinks almost 24 hours The market has underwent few renovation works in the past, so the market is no longer having open concept, with roof constructed to cater for more tables and chairs. Yet the market still has not lost its touch of been buzzing with lives at night with people searching for cheap, local food with convenience for smokers to puff and ambiance of fresh air (not really fresh if you considering the market is surrounded with busy roads). If you don’t mind seeing some ratatouille friends wondering along the drains or noisy crowds or even drunks and crazy people, then this is definitely a place to try some food when you are in Kuching. *wink*

Kuching Open Air Market at the old Main Bazaar area is always full of life even at wee hour of the night. Tourists and late owls patronizing the area for food. Food ranging from porridge, ordering of dishes with rice, ice kacang (a cold dessert), kolo mee (local noodles), sio bi (pork dumpling), to beef noodles and a lot more.

Bak Moi

I love to go to Open Market for its famous “bak moi” (meat porridge in Hokkien). Easy and light supper to have at late night, say 12midnight or 1am. I remember there were one time when a group of us had supper and chat till almost 2am in the morning! Each of us was with tired eyes that almost drop out of their sockets. Yet when the group of us meet together, we can talk non-stop and almost did not feel the times are ticking away. Sigh!

I had my favourite bak moi last night. We had early dinner around 4something, darling hubby cooked his signature dish again yesterday. What else? Fried egg, green peas with sliced bacon and microwave-heated bacon accompanied with Campbell soup! Very sinful I had to say! Hahahah! By 8pm, our stomachs were grumbling and asked to be fed! Lol. So, a round of bak moi supper last night make me think back of those days when I were single, fun-going with no worries. Sigh! Yet I have to say that last night supper was the best supper I ever had! Why? Because I was having it with darling hubby and little gal by my side! *smile*


mama bok said...

Ahhh .. that was nice.. :) nothing beats eating with the hubby and the daughter eh.. :)

Jen's Place said...

Miss those times very much!

PEARLY said...

it was so nice can go out as a family to enjoy lovely supper wish we can have this in UK.
we only can get this when we go back to Malaysia.
but big problem hubby don't like bak moi only my 3 kids love it ejjeej
have nice day xxxxxxxxxx

janicepa said...

once a while go out for supper it's ok lah ..

the bak moi looks good.. now where can i get it here in KL..


Zooropa said...

Yeah, go for something light as supper is great once in a while!


Rose said...

Yes my friends! A little treat a night wouldnt do us any harm right? Treat it as a family activity too! ;p