Saturday, May 3, 2008

In my mind

It has been many days since my last post. Sorry for the disappearance as I were busy with other priority at the time being.

What I have been up to lately? Thursday was a holiday so we spent most of our time shopping and looking at show houses. Yesterday was my off day, taking the opportunity to drive around since little gal was at the baby sitter’s house. Busy hunting down the pre-schools around the city as we are thinking of enrolling little gal to school soon. Few potential schools areunder consideration but need to really sit down with hubby to discuss on the suitable one.

Another thing is our new house. It would be ready soon, so we are also looking around for furniture and furnishing for new house. Scouting around and comparing prices and quality of furniture yesterday and today. Not forgetting looking at the interior design of show houses for some design guideline. Maybe going to check out some more tomorrow since it is a Sunday.


Zooropa said...

There are really busy days for you esp preparation for new house, many things to do but remember to avoid arguments over small issues!


Wind said...

Hi Rose - wow, you are also dealing with the house related things. Take your time - I'm sure people understand how much stress you have lately and therefore you need to be away from your blog. Keep well. :)


Rose said...

Thanks Dora and Windy. It is not easy to think of design as hubby has his own perception and so is mine. But we will work it out and come to an agreement. It is fun looking around by the way. :)

MamaBoK said...

Understand.. no worries..! can't wait to see your new house.. :)