Saturday, October 31, 2015

Porridge for supper

It was one of the evenings when hubby whatsapp-ed me asking whether I wanted porridge for supper!  And without hesitation, I replied "Yes!"

Then an hour later, hubby sent me a photo through Whatsapp. Oh, he was at this well-known pork porridge in the Open Air Market!  My favourite pork porridge stall!

Muk Kee Pork Porridge in Open Air Market

Hubby chatted up with the proprietor as he was just getting ready his stuff for the evening. According to him, he may retired soon and passed down to his son.  The proprietor is the 3rd generation in the family to do this pork porridge business.  Wow!  It has been in the family for that long!

So, hubby came home with the warm porridge for supper.  How I missed it!! 

Pork porridge with special request of an egg

And when I poured my pack out into a bowl, it was almost full to the brim!

I love its hand-made minced pork balls.  Still as good as before but the porridge was slightly salty that evening.  So I would not need to add any pepper and light soy sauce to my porridge.  I enjoyed my porridge and cleaned up the whole bowl in no time.  *wink*


Sharon D said... sweet your hubs was to call you. That porridge certainly looks delicious with the pork balls!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves minced meat than lean meat, hehe...

Nancy Chan said...

I love porridge too but I have never tried with added egg!

Libby said...

I usually have porridge only when I am not feeling well, I usually have rice cos I am a big eater, I will go hungry very fast if have porridge

Linda said...

Your husband was very sweet, Rose. Happy Halloween to you. :)

Anonymous said...

I love porridge...and my girl too. I guess my missus is not fond of it - she never orders that outside.

mun said...

Porridge is a very convenient food. Not much effort to eat it.