Saturday, October 10, 2015

What's what

Happy weekend, guys!!

Not the best week of my life this week but I kept reminding myself that it is merely a rough week and everything will be okay eventually. I know brighter days will come.

I've mentioned over here that Jay has few nose bleeding incidents since August and this week, we brought him to see a specialist. Just to have some peace of mind and need to find the cause of his problem.

A relief to hear that nothing was serious. The specialist inserted a camera tube into both nostrils for inspection. Probably Jay rubbed his nose too frequent and too hard till he injured his inner skin so it bled. Or probably the haze caused the allergy reaction. He used to have a sensitive nose and always have frequent running nose. The specialist prescribed him a 1-week ointment to apply into his nostrils.

Since early this month, we are experiencing rains and strong winds here so we are able to see the beautiful blue sky once again.

Last Saturday under beautiful weather, I organised a potluck party in my clubhouse and invited few good friends to join in. Everyone brought their own food and I made some grilled chicken, potatoes and green salad for the potluck. Kids also had some splashing and spraying time in the pool.

My old car broke down on me on Monday so it stayed in workshop for few days. Don't know how much it would cost!

This morning, we woke up so early to have some sun shines and sweats. A rare occasion where we got to abandon our beds so early on a Saturday. Post on that coming up!

Okay, I guess I am ready to get back to my blogging routine. Have some scheduled posts to share with you, so stay tune!! 


Yannie said...

My younger daughter too had this problem before, she too encountered nose bled mid of the night during her sleeps. I brought her to nose specialist too. Thank God she was treated and cured now after medication.

suituapui said...

Glad Jay is all right. Old people say nose bleeds are due to heatiness so must take more cooling stuff, dunno how true.

Old car? The one you were using in Sibu? Never mind, ask hubby to buy you a new one. Hehehehe!!!!

Nancy Chan said...

Rose, when I was in my primary school days, I used to have nose bleed quite frequently. It just happened for no reason at all and it went off on its own. Good to hear there is nothing serious with Jay. Over here after 2 days of heavy downpour, we get to see the blue sky too. Hope the haze will stay away.

Ez Vina said...

Glad that u are back :)

mun said...

Good to have you back!

Merryn said...

Welcome back Rose. Both Ethan and Ayden have frequent nose bleed episodes. They take after me. Recently Ethan has it more frequent, like daily. I think it is the haze too.

Libby said...

Welcome back Rose, I experienced some heart problem probably due to the haze recently too, don't worry Jay will be okay

Princess Ribbon said...

Kz also has nose bleeds quite often, like once a month.. Not yet bring him to any specialist, coz my hubby (and a few friends) also said that they had nose bleeds when they were kids, but when they grow up, no more liao.. Touch wood, now lesser, hopefully no more already..

Sharon D said...

Hah! That was fast, Rose. Welcome back. I would have certainly missed reading your posts. ^.^