Thursday, October 15, 2015

Let's do breakfast in Backerei

Kids have gone back to schools and I can have some peaceful and free times in the morning with Jamie. The weather has been so kind on us since the starting of the school term and we are able to enjoy some intermittent rains now and then.

Now with only Jamie at my side, it is much easier for me to bring him out and enjoying our breakfast dates again. Just another day, we went to check out a new cafe!

I have wanted to try this place for a while but it was quite far from my place and I were lazy to drive all the way there.

However, few weeks ago, I redeemed a special promotion voucher from Groupon to dine in this place so I "jio" (invited) my girlfriend for breakfast here.

Backerei Corner used to operate in Jalan Tun Jugah before they moved to Tun Jugah mall but that outlet also closed down. And now they are operating in this current location (Jalan Song). Same row with SCR (now Singapore Food Centre). Their pastries were good but I have never tried their breakfast set.

This current place looked clean in simple setting, unlike in their previous establishment which was classy. Their fresh baked pastries were very tempting in those display cabinets.

They have 5 breakfast sets to order from. RM13.90 per set.

While waiting for our food, we were served with this warm honey lemon. RM3.50 per cup. Great to quench thirst on a warm day.

And while my friend and I were busy playing with my friend's new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and using this plant as our object, boy was enjoying his own exploration in the outlet.

We waited quite a while for our food to be served. No other table other than ours so it was not so acceptable to have such a long waiting time. However when they did finally come, we finished them up in no time. Probably we were too hungry then. Lol.

My friend had Backerei Furhstuck which has a slice of beef pastrami, Laugen sandwich, hard-boiled egg and sauteed mushroom.

A close-up of beef pastrami and sauteed mushroom.

My friend commented she would prefer garlic bread than the plain baguette.

And this was my breakfast set. Desayano Del Backerei. What a name! It served tomato bruschetta and baked potato omelette and after all those calories, I were full!!

The bruschetta was more like pizza tomato sauce. I prefer to have more texture to my bruschetta for some bite. The potato omelette was fine but it would be even nicer with more salt to it. And not forgetting the pathetic-looking salad. Not much of a salad, I said. Just 2 thinly sliced tomato slices and a couple of lettuces did not called salad.

But I got the breakfast sets at cheaper rate at RM9.00 per set. So they may not look and taste that great but it was worth the promotional price. Maybe next time I would stick to their sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard about the change in name of Singapore Chicken Rice in Kuching. Why ah? Here still the same leh? Either that or SCR Express. Because they now sell much more than just chicken rice?

Anonymous said...

Sure would love to check out this place, at least must try once lah - something different from the usual stuff, names I cannot even pronounce. Hehehehehe!!!! Have to wait so long kah? Lucky your cute little boy quite happy to entertain himself, not making noise. Such a good boy!

Rose said...

So far I only saw this outlet in Jln Song that change their names. I believe they have more food choices. Have not go and check it out yet. Some day.

Merryn said...

I agree with your friend. I would prefer garlic bread too rather than just plain bread to go with the breakfast set.

Sharon D said... least you had a great time with your friend..haha! :D

Princess Ribbon said...

The food looks so so good.. The potato omellete looks interesting.. I've seen in Food Network they do the same with macaroni, yummzz..

Nancy Chan said...

Looks like a very nice place to hang out with friends. I love pastries especially those freshly baked ones. Warm honey lemon suits me well. I too prefer garlic bread.

ChrisAu said...

wow... I love your breakfast and I don't know how to pronounce it! hahaha.... The cafe looks very relaxing and pleasant, a nice place to wind down! You have a great weekend!!

mun said...

Jamie is so cute with his signature pose of one finger up on each hand. The kitchen was not ready I guess so you all had to wait for so long. OKlah, for promotional price for food with quite a number of items.

Azura Chan said...

Eh, how come I didn't realised there is Backerei outlet here. Must try this place someday. 😉

Linda said...

Rose, your boy is adorable! :) I, like your friend, prefer garlic bread...sometimes I make my own! I slice a couple of pieces from a crusty loaf of bread, finely grate some fresh garlic and put a little softened butter over the garlic to keep it on the bread as well as adding a little extra flavour...I also love to slice a little Mozzarella cheese and put it on top, then put it in the toaster oven just long enough to melt the cheese. It is delicious and you can smell the aroma of the fresh garlic and melted cheese.

In French this is called "pain de l'ail au gratin". It is amazing! :)

Your breakfast looks very good, Rose, and the freshly baked pastries look divine! :)

Agnes said...

I always like to see the presentation of the food, they are nicely presented..hope they give some butter or jam for the plain baguette.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Had not had warm honey lemon before, usually, i had the cold version...