Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mom in the centre

It was one of those hazy days last week and schools in Kuching were forced to close. However, on that particular day (it was a Tuesday), Jay's kindergarden operated as usual so after dropped him off, together with my 2 children, we went to this food court for breakfast.

The signboard right before Everrise

This food court is hidden in the sense it is in the centre of commercial shoplots. You could not see it from the main roads as it is not visible. You need to drive to the back of the shops, then you get to see it.  It used to be called Food Avenue before new owner took over and named it M.O.M. Food Court.

From 3rd Miles heading to 4 1/2 Miles, turn right before Everrise and go to the back of Ambank, this food court is on your right hand side. If from Penrissen down to 3rd Miles, then you turn to Lorong Datuk Tawi Sli 6 to go to the other side of the main road.

Street Market at the back of Everrise

M.O.M. is right opposite this Everrise Street Market. You could park your car in Everrise parking bay and walk over. 

I have never been to this food court although I knew its existence when it was called Food Avenue. My first impression was it was a big food court with roof serving you with local food and there is a giant tv screen screening sports matches. But it was not switched on that morning.

Not many stalls open in the day but then again, you would be spoiled with choices in the morning too.  I understand from its Facebook page, it opens for business as early as 5.30am now.

My much needed Teh C

I love how they serve your warm drink in those old rustic cup and saucer set like what you would find in those Chinese coffee shops in olden days. 

It brought back memories when my dad used to pour some warm Milo into the saucer to cool it down and I drank directly from the saucer! Among my children, my girl did it before. Her grandpa taught her how to drink from a saucer when brought her to a kopitiam back in Kapit when she was smaller. 

Ok ok. Let's get back to this food court instead of back in time. *wink wink*

Mani cai (cangkuk manis) bihun

I had this plate of fried mani cai bihun.  It was good. RM4.00 for this plate and I hardly could finish it.

2 slices of roti kahwin and a cup of Milo

My girl was enjoying her warm Milo with traditional roti kahwin.  Could you see the generous spread of butter and green kaya in between the slices of bread??

Sio Bee

As we sat right in front of the sio bee and kuih stall, I could not resist ordering few sio bee to try out. It said there that they serve original Kuching sio bee. RM4.60 for 4.  Very meaty; they tasted good with chilli dipping. Reminded me much of Sibu sio bee with those diced carrots on top. 

Of course, I could not finish them all.  Luckily I had my girl to help me out.  She finished up all her roti kahwin.....

And helping me with 1 sio bee.  Jamie took 1 while I ate the other 2 sio bee.

A delightful breakfast.  Maybe will come back again to try other stalls as there are so many stalls around. Since Jay's kindergarden is around that area, it is convenient to come here for breakfast.  More parking spaces early in the morning but after 9am, it would be hard to find one when most shops open then.


Agnes said... closed meant for the kids to stay indoor instead went jalan jalan cari makan..if I were you i will do that too..after all already out from the house right ?

mun said...

I would like to try the bihun and I am sure I will like it. what a good breakfast - enjoying them with your son and daughter.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I can find it...but never mind, I'm sure you can take me there. Hehehehehe!!!!!

Princess Ribbon said...

I like the roti kahwin+Milo+siao bee, I can eat all, I like those kinda breakfast.. Most of the days, I also eat bread and Milo for breakfast..

Nancy Chan said...

Oh! my dad used to do that and I too drank from the saucer. Ha ha those were the good old days. Very nice breakfast with your children.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nowadays, i see fewer places selling drinks in rustic cup and saucer...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

If me, i also cannot resist the sio bee, will sure order it, hehe...

Linda said...

Looks like good food, Rose! I can still see the haze. Take care of yourself, dear friend.

Small Kucing said...

another place to eat breakfast. So near to the kindy also good la :)

Sharon D said...

Yummy breakfast, Rose! ^.^

Shirley Tay said...

The bee hoon certainly looks good espeically at just RM4 :D