Saturday, October 3, 2015

Walk for food

Never walked so far distance to get to one place for food before but I did it last Saturday!! And gosh, what a tiring walking we had, all of us.

In conjunction with the annual Sarawak Regatta, this year there is a food fair (Fiesta Makanan Sarawak) in Kuching Waterfront from 18 to 27 September. Where there is food, you bet I would be joining in the fun.

The participating stalls are promoting, displaying and selling local food as well as international food cuisine to the public.

We were there last Saturday afternoon. Parked our car in the car park building behind Yayasan Sarawak, then we walked to Plaza Merdeka and go through old courthouse to reach Kuching Waterfront! Did not want to squeeze in the traffic jam as well as the crowds in the evening as there was a live concert so we decided to go in the afternoon. Some shots that I took that afternoon..

Very Sarawak feel

The main tent

Lunch time

Everyone was filling up their tummies

This was the stall that I came here for!! 

Nasi kerabu all the way from Terengganu!

Kuih cincin

Nasi kerabu with fried chicken and fried fish

Refreshing drinks but quite scary looking at the colour of the sweet sour tamarind drink (right)

There was regatta going on that weekend so it was pretty packed. First time the boys walked along the Waterfront.

Some of the boats

For anyone who wants to take a short river ride

Cute car boat

Hazy day ahead

Depicting the sampan tambang

Magnificent DUN

Craft, arts and local delicacies stalls

Local beads and jewellery

Kuih and titbits

Toys always attract the kids

One of titbits stalls

Of course we did not walked the whole stretch as it would be too tiring for everyone. Nevertheless we got our food.

An adventurous gastronomic walk we had that day.


Anonymous said...

My friend from Absolute Tribal was there, with chefs from Indonesia and other countries. Saw his photos on Facebook. Wish I were there too! He's no longer with that restaurant though, left already.

Nasi kerabu!!! I wanted to go for that today, my girl did not want it - we had Indian instead. :(

Gosh!!! The haze sure looked bad!

Sherry said...

haha.. I love to eat.. if I am there sure will check out the place. Don't mind I say. I have big belly now, I am not preg ok. lol.

Sharon D said...

I wish I didn't live so far away, Rose. Would have been exciting to walk along the waterfront and feast on food as well.

Nancy Chan said...

Rose, I am a great fan of nasi kerabu. If I had been there, that's the item for me! Its been a long time since I last had nasi kerabu, missing it so much! That's a cute car boat and I like the DUN building. The haze over there is just as bad over here.

mun said...

Did all of you wear masks in the haze when you walk?

reana claire said...

Nice activities and events... too bad got haze, huh? These two days in Ipoh is super bad! sigh..

Princess Ribbon said...

If got good food, am willing to walk, as long as no haze la, hehe..

Azura Chan said...

You went there! I decided to go there laat week, but due to haze my hubby cancelled the program. 😭

Somewhere in Singapore said...

If i am there, i will sure go for the event...

Huai Bin said...

Nasi kerabu! :)

I love the rice, although I'm always a little suspicious of uniform blue rice. I've seen a lot of blue rice here and in Malay stalls where it's uniformly blue, I usually avoid coz they're using food coloring. I found this out from a Malay stall in Pusat Bandar Damansara. I once asked why their rice isn't very blue (it's a little white, a little blue) and I was told that that's how it's supposed to look. They said the other stall (which is their competitor, to be fair) don't use the flowers to give it the blue color but food coloring. Supposedly it's impossible to get the pure blue color from just the flower alone, don't know how true that is.

Small Kucing said...

ah...i still remember the kuih cincin there :)

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