Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here I am, after the rain

Our beloved Sibu food ambassador, Mr Suituapui has been blogging about this wonderful place countless times and it is such a pity not to come and taste the food here before I am moving back to Kuching this year end.

Psst, I have been staying here for over a year and it was my first time stepping into the well-known Payung Cafe! I know, I should have come here earlier but just could not find the right time to be here. But finally I did. Better be late than never.

Indeed the place and food lived up to its reputation. I was totally impressed and mesmerised by its beautiful ethnic decor, friendly people and great food. If time allows, I will come back for more food experience!

Friday was my sil's wedding anniversary so she invited me and family for dinner here. Supposed to celebrate it on Friday night but hubby's flight was delayed and me and kids stuck in airport for an hour so we postponed our dinner to last night.

It rained almost the whole day yesterday and luckily rain had stopped in the evening. It was nice and cooling to dine in the open-concept of this small eatery place. We arrived here earlier before my sil and her hubby. So I had time to take some shots of the cafe.  However I guess by now, you all know how Payung Cafe looks like without me showing the photos. STP has great shots collection of the cafe. *wink*
View from inside facing the main road, Lanang road

Lovely water feature with flower petals

We ordered their best of the best as I have been told. Belimbing Prawns with spaghetti and Payung Rojak.

I am never fond of the local belimbing fruit because you know me. I do not fancy sour stuff but this is a dish to die for.  It was so tentalizing with a mix of spiciness and sourish flavour that it was really appetizing. This dish reminded me of tom yum noodle!  I were actually enjoyed this Belimbing Prawns!  Look at these fresh prawns!!

As for the Payung Rojak, it was truly something worth eating. The rojak paste was amazing and really addictive!  You just got to try it yourself then you know what I am trying to tell you! Everyone gave thumbs up for this rojak! Lol!

We ordered a bit of this and that to taste so everyone got chance to taste more.

Mushroom roll was a great snack with its crispy skin and cheese powder topping. I believe it was parmesan cheese powder that they used but I could be wrong...

Otak-otak was too spicy for our tastebud that we hardly finished it

This non-spicy Payung chicken was tender and tasty

This Masala lamb curry was a bit disappointment as we could not taste the spice in the meat. A bit bland.

However thanks to this Bangladesh lamb curry, this curry tasted better.

My girl had its Chicken Chop. Maybe because of the big plate, the portion looks small. The chop was not deep fried so she did not really like it.

I had this Turkish Milk Shake. Something different than my usual drink. Felt like having an ice-cream

In conclusion, it was a delightful dinner and a great dining experience. We really put our tastebuds to test! I enjoyed my time there.


reana claire said...

Everything looks great there, Rose! I didn't try much over there because it was tea time when we went, we didn't order any main meal.. but we tried the Belimbing prawns, the popiah.. and the drinks only.

suituapui said...

Hahhh!!!! You have not read my posts carefully - told you the masala and the Payung chicken (cooked with yogurt) are rather mild - the Bangladeshi lamb curry is simply to die for.

Too bad the otak-otak was too spicy for you all. So so so good!!!

You did not order the kacang ma - not exactly the same as the usual but theirs is also very nice. If my missus likes, it means really good...and of course, must ask for extra wine

suituapui said...

Chicken chop - my girl had it once - just so-so, not in our list of favourites. The beef spaghetti also so-so. Would go for their exotic dishes - nicer.

I hear got new dish - pumpkin tik tik. I tried once long ago, very nice. Gotta go there one of these days for that!

My ex-student from NZ said going there was like going into a whole new world - not like one was in Sibu...and coming out, it was like going back to reality. He and his missus loved the place and the food too.

Rose said...

We thought give the food a try. No one interested to order kacangma so we didnt try it. Otak otak was good but too spicy. Haha.

Rose said...

Yes. For a small shop, they put up a lot of effort on decor. Like you said, feel like in other part of the world.

Rose said...

Must try the rojak the next time you drop by here. ^^

ChrisAu said...

Great food there and since its recommended by the Sibu food mayor, STP, it can never go wrong ! LOL

Princess Ribbon said...

Ahhh, Payung... I can even remember all the food he mentioned, especially the mushroom rolls.. Yummyyy !!

mun said...

Looks like this is a must visit place for food in sibu. :)

Small Kucing said...

Food in Payung is good. Love the pomelo salad

Ez Vina said...

wow, belimbing in spaghetti, very creative.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

All the foods looks good..

Yee Ling said...

Arggh..i miss the food here!

Sharon D said...

Omigosh...the food looks amazing, Rose. Very drool-worthy!