Monday, August 25, 2014

A-Plus for our birthday

After read post on this restaurant from Suituapui early last week, we dropped by this restaurant for my birthday dinner last night. Ahem, yes. I am one year older but my family  still celebrating my birthday. Well, it was not all the times I got to have my birthday in Sibu, right?

Last year we had the celebration in Fisherman Restaurant which served good Sarawakian exotic dishes. As for this year we had it in an old Chinese restaurant instead. I am a typical Chinese who loves her Chinese cuisine! *wink*

But the most important was that family came together. Did not plan for anything special as hubby just landed yesterday morning. So we thought of having a simple Chinese dinner.
Happy birthday to us!

As always for the past 5 years, we celebrated my birthday together with Jay as his birthday is just a day from mine. One shot. No need eat twice! Lol!

Ok, back to our dinner. We ordered something different when we were in A-Plus Restaurant last night since it was our first time there.

Fried mee sua - we liked this very much

Braised pork trotter with cangkuk manis - very tasty but I think they overdid with the salt last night as the veggie was a bit salty

Fish maw soup - which hubby loved very much

Deep fried pork belly in Thai sauce - nothing  to shout about as the meat was tasteless as they just pour the sauce on top of the deep fried meat

Drunken prawns - not bad, very sweet and the gravy was flavourish

Red wine steamed fish - better eat it fast before it turned cold!

The dinner costs around RM160.00 excluding drink, which we thought it was normal as we have 2 seafood dishes.

And my birthday present from hubby?  He managed to get me a last minute present from Kuching airport yesterday morning! Lol!
Another Chanel to my fragrance collection


Ez Vina said...

I love drunken prawn, that one with egg issit?

Small Kucing said...

Happy birthday. Wah...nice perfume leh... :)

Princess Ribbon said...

Happy birthday pretty mummy! Wow, I love all the food you ordered.. I like that mee sua with golden egg, very unique.. Oohh that braised meat with cangkuk manis+egg, very STP's style, but I like, I guess it taste delicious too.. OMG you have drunken prawns too! Love it.. Love everything :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Birthday to you and your son :)

suituapui said...

Ooooo...those prawns, expensive wor!!! And the fish too! Ok, will not order that chicken should I drop by again. I love the soup!!! So clear, so nice and tasty.

suituapui said...

Wahhhhh!!!! Expensive branded perfume, lucky you! LOL!!!

I had the fried mee sua once, ok...not bad but I think my favourite is at Ruby or MingMeiShi. Been to the two yet? Quick! Quick! Before you go back to Kuching!!!! :D

suituapui said...

Oops!!! I meant the pork belly...since you said not so nice.

Sharon D said...

Aww.. that's a lovely gift! Happy Birthday once again, Rose ^.^

Hayley said...

Happy birthday!

You guys had quite a lot! Great! =)

Azura Chan said...

Happy Birthday Rose!
What a lovely dinner and sweet birthday present! 😊

Emily Tang said...

Happy birthday Rose
nice present

Libby said...

Happy birthday Rose, my sis had the same brand perfume

ChrisAu said...

Happy Birthday Rose and it's a sumptuous feast of dishes!!!

Merryn said...

Jay's bday is only a day apart from you while Jamie's 3 weeks later. Your bdays are all so close together. Happy birthday to you pretty momma :D

mun said...

Happy birthday to both of you! I like the steamed fish best!

reana claire said...

What a wonderful birthday treat you had, Rose!! And of course, a romantic gift as well.. :)
Happy Birthday to you once again!!

trishie said...

Happy Birthday to you and Jay! I love that photo of you both. Looking very good!