Monday, February 17, 2014

Chap Goh Mei - shark's fin soup

Prepared these dishes for Chap Goh Mei. First time cooked shark fin soup and steamed abalone but luckily they turned out fine. Got the shark fin and canned abalone from the unwrapped CNY hamper so I put them to use on Chap Goh Mei.
clock-wise from top: french beans with dried shrimps, fried anchovies omelette, shark's fin soup, fried ngoh hiang and steamed abalone

I will share the Shark fin soup recipe in this post. Sorry to those against eating shark fin. I do not strongly recommend or oppose eating shark fin but since I have it at hand and no one to give out and do not want to just throw it away. Could not find canned or frozen crab meat so I omit it. I used a bit of abalone meat and chicken meat here.


100g shark fin, soak in water for 10 minutes (at least)
sliced ginger(thumb size)
shredded chicken meat
sliced abalone
A handful of bean sprout, head and tail discard
1/2 cube chicken stock
Shao xing wine
2 tsp cornflour
2 tbsp light soy sauce

1. Rinse the shark fin and boil in water for about half an hour. Add ginger and wine to get rid of the fishy smell.
2. Discard the water and rinse the shark fin.
3. In a pot, toss in chicken stock in boiled water with the shark fin for 30 minutes.
4. Add light soy sauce, chicken, bean sprout and abalone. When ready to serve, add cornflour to thicken the soup.
5. Serve with black vinegar


Sharon D said...

What a yummy spread ^.^

reana claire said...

I love shark fin soup too.. but unfortunately nowadays it is not encouraged... during my younger days, shark fins is a delicacy... :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hungry liao at looking at the dishes, hehe...

Kylie wenn said...

Long time no eat this d..

Hayley said...

Those are very yummy home cooked meal! Yumz!

mun said...

It is good to know that nowadays many people including yourself know about sharkfins being a sensitive issue due to the way it is being harvested.

ChrisAu said...

Yummy !

wenn said...

I used to like sharks fins too..

suituapui said...

Wahhhhhh!!!! That must be a very very very expensive hamper - got sharks' fins inside. I will eat too if given or if it's the dinner menu somebody ordered but I would not go and buy or order that to eat at a restaurant. I can't afford, anyway.

LouizYee said...

All cooked by you? Salute you, you are a good cook. I only cook simple food.

I love taufu-kang. If I have these fins, maybe I will try to make taufu-kang.. It's just basically mashed taufu, vegetables, mushrooms, crab stick and some fins in a chicken broth thickened with corn starch.. Very yummy over here in one restaurant - Lala Chong.

Small Kucing said...

first time cooking can be so good alreaady