Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Menu #48: 505 Roasted chicken

It was an exciting and long Sunday, with our Malaysia's 13th General Election held and seeing about 80% voters turnout disregard of the raining weather in the afternoon.  I as a dedicated Malaysian, casted my vote in the afternoon after the Sunday Mass.  Not many church-goers yesterday at the 10.30am; I guess they were still in the queues or have gone to the early mass and voted after the mass.  I myself always gone in the afternoon, because dislike the long queue and wait.  *wink*  As expected when I reached my polling centre, very few voters there and I were done with my vote in less than a minute!

Dislike the blue ink they used and I still have some mark this morning because I did not really bother washing it off, but should be gone completely by end of today
We stayed at home last night, awaiting for the result to be out.  This round, the results were really slow.  Cannot finished waiting for most of the result.  But we managed to catch all the results of the seats in Sarawak with most urban seats taken up by Opposition Parties.  As expected, BN retained the Sarawak states with more than 2/3 win. 
By 11.30pm, me and hubby hardly can open our eyes and we have to call it a day.  Life goes on today!  So whatever the result, we still live today.  And thank god that our rubbish was collected this morning as my rubbish has been pilling up in the bin since last Monday!  I started to wonder whether the Trienekens was busy with the GE13 campaign that they did not come to collect the rubbish for a week!!!
Not many coffee shops opened yesterday and mostly closed by noon. So after more than 30 minutes driving around Kuching for lunch after my voting (hubby did not vote as his vote is in Kapit and has not yet change to Kuching address), we decided to have pork leg rice for lunch.  However we waited more than 30 minutes for our food as it was packed yesterday afternoon. 
In the evening, since we are staying at home, I decided to cook roasted chicken for dinner.  We actually have no-rice dinner last night, as I made some lamb chop, hash brown and roasted chicken.  All high-protein food.  A change of menu once a while.  Sometimes I do not know what to cook especially with my 2 picky-eaters at home. 
And not only I am busy cooking in the kitchen, our kitchen tap was leaking pretty badly yesterday.  Now we cannot used the kitchen sink as worry that it will leak again.  Stain the cabinet underneath the sink.  Need to get plumber to fix the leaking problem and maybe get contractor to have a look at the cabinet.  Probably need to spend some money on repairing the cabinet.  I think we may need to take out and redo that affected part of the kitchen cabinet.  Sigh!!

Okay, and now back to my roasted chicken, I used the Chefel pan to avoid the oil and mess in my kitchen.  In 20 minutes this dish is ready!!

Roasted chicken with potatoes


For the chicken:
Quarter chicken, cut into parts
2 tsp McCormick Mixed Herbs
1 tbsp fine salt
1 tbsp extra virgin Olive oil

For the potatoes:
3 medium sized potatoes, cut into 3 wedges
1 tbsp extra virgin Olive oil
1 tsp McCormick Mixed Herbs

1. Rub the Mixed Herbs and fine salt all over the chicken, and mix well.  Leave in the fridge for 1 hour or more.

2. Put the potatoes in a mixing bowl.  Add the Mixed Herbs and Olive oil into the bowl and mix well with the potatoes.  Put aside till the chicken is ready to be cooked.

3. Heat up the Chefel pan on high flame.  Add 1 tbsp Olive oil to the pan and let it for a minute.  Arrange the chicken in the middle of the pan and potatoes surrounding the chicken at the side.  Turn the heat down to medium flame.  Close and lock the pan lid.

4.  Flip to other side after 5 minutes and this process take up 20 minutes.   Unlock the pan and arrange the chicken and potatoes on a serving plate.

I like the salty and aromatic taste of mixed herbs on the chicken meats.  Very juicy and appetizing. And the potatoes are very tender too!!!


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Roasted chicken, simply yummy!

Re the ink, just rub it off with toothpaste.