Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey babe! It is a BOY!

Went for my monthly pre-natal check up and anatomy scanning this morning.  As usual a long wait and I got my turn after waiting for more than an hour.  
My growing tummy

It took a while to find the gender news because doctor was checking on other stuff, i.e. urine test, heartbeat, glucose test and weight.  Even while I were lying on the bed, the doctor took some time to confirm the gender.  The baby cannot keep still in my womb.  But when the doctor pointed out that "thinggy" to me, I knew the answer right away.
Yes!  Undeniably it is a boy!  Even before the ultrasound I knew it is a boy.  Because I feel like it a boy, and some sign tell that I am carried a boy.  Called it a mother's intuition.  Even a friend of mine was guessing it is a boy.   
I would be back to clinic in 4 weeks time, but no more ultrasound since I have been scanned for the past 3 months. But I would have to undergo Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) due to my age.  Well, I am turning 36 this year and I feel healthy but doctor just need to confirm my blood glucose level is normal.
Broke the big gender news to hubby during breakfast in the nearby coffee shop after my check up.  He was happy. Why not?  He always want a 好 子 (a girl, a boy and a boy in that order and short for a good child "一个好孩子") and now he is getting it!  *wink*  But we are most happy that the baby is growing healthy in my womb and I am doing fine at the current stage. 
I am in my Week 20 Day 3 as of today, and I have gained 2 kgs from the previous check up.  Glad that I am gaining some weight because my weight is sure increasing slowly in this pregnancy compared to my previous 2.  Current weight is 53.3kg.  And doctor pricked and took out a pinch of my blood for sugar test and the reading is 5.5, so it is normal. 
Am I happy to be a new mummy again??  You bet I am!!!



Yee Ling said...


Enjoy your journey of pregnancy!

Small Kucing said...


Boy girl...as long as healthy :-)

Ez Vina said...

wow..half way to go.

eugene said...

Enjoy every moment of it ( I mean your pregnancy) this is so hard to come by,thus enjoy every minute of it ya

Mummy Gwen said...

That's good news. You look great.

Shirley Tay said...

Congrats! Your pregnancy certainly reminds me of mine ages ago & my son is already 18!!

Thks for visiting Luxury Haven! Sorry for not coming by earlier as I was off blogging the entire mth of Apr. Well, I'm doing my rounds of blog-hopping now. I'm following u at GFC, & would be delighted to have u follow me too. See u there!

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mun said...

Congrats! First time I see your photo here.

wenn said...

yea, finally I got to see you!

Coffee Girl said...

Congratulations Rose! A boy? Awesome! However you might wanna refrain from buying baby boy's clothes becoz u will only know the sex for sure (as experiences told by a lot of mommies) once the baby is out. :p

Have fun babe!