Monday, May 27, 2013

Reading Monday with a recipe sharing

Hi!  Happy Monday!  I guess everyone must be lazy today after a long weekend.  It was tiring but wonderful weekend for me.  Never bored with the kids around.  Plus I were having good time in my kitchen testing on new recipes *wink*
And in reply to the comments by blogger friends in my previous post, I am sharing my ngoh hiang recipe today.  It is very simple.  Everyone can make a yummy ngoh hiang.  You can basically add anything in ngoh hiang (such as carrot, water chestnut, fresh prawns, garlic etc) but the main ingredient is the minced pork.  I do not have the exact measurement so I "agak-agak" my ingredients. I learnt from my mum who never follow a step-by-step recipe.  *wink* 
Usually I will make few rolls and keep some in air tight container in the freezer.  When I feel like eating them, I will take the container out and thaw in room temperature before deep frying.  I usually shallow fry my ngoh hiang, because lazy to use so much cooking oil in deep frying.  Just in shallow frying, you will need to monitor the ngoh hiang to make sure no burn, and keep on turning them around for even browning!
Ngoh Hiang is great to eat by wrapping in lettuces or dipping in chilli sauce.  Can be an appetizer, snack and even part of the main dish at home!
Rose's Ngoh Hiang (Meat rolls)
Make 3 rolls

Beancurd sheet
About 200g Minced pork (can substitute with chicken meat, but I still prefer minced pork)
6 Chinese dried mushroom, soaked and cut into slices
4 tbsp Dried prawns, washed, soaked, rinsed and drained
Salt and pepper
1 tbsp Light soy sauce (optional)
1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine (optional)
Cooking oil for frying
1.  Ready all the ingredients.  Mix the minced pork, dried mushroom and dried prawns on a cutting board.  With chopping knife, mince and mix the 3 ingredients till all are well minced and mixed.
2. Add salt and pepper to the mixture and continue to mince and mix.  You can also add some light soy sauce and Chinese wine but this is optional. Put the mixture in a bowl.
3. Cut the beancurd sheet into the desired rectangle size.  Trim away the hard edges. It is up to you on how big (or small) you want your ngoh hiang to be, but I usually make a big ngoh hiang, about 15cm long.
4. Spread the beancurd sheet on the chopping board.  Spread about 3 spoonful of meat mixture onto the top part of the sheet leaving about 2 - 3cm space on top of the sheet.  Roll the sheet over the meat mixture.  Make sure you roll it tightly and cover all the meat mixture. Fold the 2 sides of the sheet over the rolled sheet.  Continue to roll the sheet till the end of sheet.
5. Place onto a place or if you are keeping in the freezer, keep in an air-tight container.
6. Finish up all the meat mixture with the beancurd sheet.
7. Heat up the oil for shallow or deep frying in a pan on medium heat.  Once the oil is heated up, slowly place the meat rolls (about 2 - 3 pieces) into the pan.  Fry for about 1 minute on one side before turning around and fry for another 1 minute till the other side is browned.  Turn the meat rolls around to even the browning.
8.  Dish out and drain on a kitchen towel.  Let the meat rolls cool down before cut diagonally with meat knife and serve on a serving plate.
p/s: For the uneaten ngoh hiang, you can shallow fry them again the next day, and they tasted even better! 
I am on my reading cap today.  This morning I was clearing and sorting out some book shelves because looking for suitable books for my kids to read during the school holiday.  Jay is going to nanny's house as usual, so I brought along few children books, papers and crayons for him to be handful over there.  The sister is reluctant to go today, so she is staying at home with me. 

And I myself managed to find myself a book to read this afternoon.  Yeap.  I bought a lot of books last year and there are few books that I have not yet read through.  You read the title right.  The ultimate nap book.  "Change your life without getting out of bed" by SARK.  Enjoy books by SARK because they are light and entertaining to read. After reading few pages of this book, I do not feel guilty of taking my afternoon naps anymore.  Lol!


Okay, time to log off from here, guys.  Time for my afternoon nap.  *wish* I wish I could do this the whole day, but I am not this type of person........


angeline ong said...

How I wish to have my afternoon nap right now.

Shirley Tay said...

Yummy, yummy, lots of hebe for me pleeeeeese!! I love a good book too, glad we've more in common, Rose :)

mun said...

Thanks for the recipe. Must try to ask my sister to make this. What an interesting book. I also want to my afternoon nap.

Jas said...

this looks really yummy~!!!!