Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week 20 Bump

I am in my Week 20 now.  Halfway there.  Can't believe that time flies.

  • I go to toilets more frequent now.  I need to urinate more and even after come out from the toilet, I have that urge again
  • Feel tummy is heavier and baby is like pressing on the bladder.  So a slight uncomfortable on the lower part of the abdomen
  • Squatting is getting harder now
  • Walking up the staircase also required more energy (spell L-A-Z-Y)
  • Sleeping at my sides more with pillow between two legs and one under my belly
  • Can feel the baby flutters more frequent now, especially when I lie down on the bed. 
  • My belly button is protruding as you can see in this photo
  • No itch or dryness on my belly area and I used soothing lotion once a while over my belly.  Hopefully no ugly stretch marks appear
  • No constipation problem (thank God)
  • Did not put on much heap of weights unlike the first two. Did not eat much and have no particular craving for anything.  However I have higher sweet craving than normal days. Probably I developed a sweet tooth in my 3rd pregnancy. Maybe I am going to have a smaller baby this round. Previous two were weighing more than 3kgs.  First one is 3.58kg and 2nd one is 3.33kg.


Hayley said...

Cute baby bump you have!

Take care!

Ez Vina said...


wenn said...

all the way there..take care..

mun said...

Nice baby bump! Take good care!