Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chat with another preggie

I have a chat with a friend who is also pregnant and has the same EDD with me.  Both her girls were natural birth while I opted for C-Section for my 2 kids.  Both of her kids were born earlier than the EDD and the 2nd one was premature by a month.  It was a tough delivery for the 2nd one but now the little girl is 2 years old. 
The other day we were discussing about maternity and confinement issue.  I were asking her whether she would be doing her confinement in Sibu like the previous two but she is planning to stay in Kuching this time and get someone to do for her instead of getting her mum to help.  When asking her why staying back in Kuching this round, she said she would not like to trouble her mum with the confinement period.  She will get someone to do the cooking, while she can take care of the kids herself.  So not a strict confinement for her.  And she can have more freedom when no elderly around.  She can do whatever she wants to. I was shocked when she said that she can bathe and wash her hair whenever she likes without her mum around.  Oh dear!
I advised my friend to follow some of those confinement "pantang" as they are for her own good, but sound like she has already decided not to follow.  Well, guess I could not do anything but tell her not to.  I don't think confinement period is such a dreaded period.  It may be suffering especially the no-washing hair part.  I also don't like the idea of sleeping with my oily hair every night for 30 nights, but I survived both confinement without much damages to my hair.  And I only got to take bath once a day after the first week.  At least get to clean ourselves although the black herb water is hot.  Come to think of it, it is pretty relaxing without much worrying on food and kids as they are been taken care of. 
Wonder whether my in-laws have managed to find confinement lady for me or not??  It is not easy to find a good one.  I enjoyed my 1st confinement lady although she was strict, but she does cooked great confinement food and I always look forward to her cooking.  My MIL called her up few weeks ago but apparently she has retired.  Over 60 plus now, so it is time for her to retire.  Just hope that I am able to get a good one in Sibu.  Heard that the fee is now reaching around RM3000 for full shift (stay-in)!  Expensive!  But it is not an easy job taking care of small baby at night and during the day, still need to take care of the new mother and do other houseworks.


Coffee Girl said...

i didnt know that such service (of a confinement lady) actually exist. but good too at least gives the mom and the MIL or own mom some time to enjoy the new baby.

mun said...

I agree that it is not easy being a confinement lady. A lot of work to do.

wenn said...

in fact, I love my confinement period..felt like a queen being pampered with good food..

suituapui said...

Confinement ladies very expensive these days...and because of the shortage and the high demand, they behave like they're the boss!