Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nothing beat it

Home alone most of the day yesterday as the kids were having a day in their maternal grandparents' house.  Hubby was busy in his office, clearing and arranging his files and personal stuff.  So I have the whole house to myself till late evening.  Managed to catch a movie "Dark Skies".  A supernatural film about a family home been visited by aliens.  Not a nice movie to be watched by a light-hearted person but who cares!  I always enjoy some thrillers so it was quite fun watching it by myself although I wished hubby would accompany me.  *wink*

And I also enjoyed 3 episodes of this Hong Kong drama series, starring one of my favourite actor, Alex Fong.  Long long time did not watch him acting in drama series.   
Since no one was at home in the afternoon, I was so lazy to think of what for lunch till around 2pm when my tummy started to growl.  Telling me, it is time to fit my tummy!!!  Lol!
Since I have some leftover rice from last night, I decided the fastest meal would be fried rice!  So, looking through the fridge and shelves, I managed to whip a simple fried rice!!
Used 1/3 of this luncheon meat for my lunch.  I like this brand from Denmark because the meat is less oily and it tastes nicer than those from China!!
Ingredients for my fried rice

And voila!  My plate of fried rice with luncheon meat.  Bon Appetit!


suituapui said...

Yup! Tulip's good!!!

wenn said...

wow, yummy looking fried rice!

ykristen said...

Yummy, not forgetting eating without having to worry about tainted meat fm China. I use this brand too

mun said...

What a plate of tasty fried rice! Tulip brand, I must remember this.