Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 24 bump

I am in my Week 24 now.  I am doing fine.  My appetite is good and I still have much energy moving around and doing house chores.  Baby is moving very frequent now and I can feel its rolling and kicking. Most of the times, he is practising his karate in my tummy.  Very naughty baby. 

I had experienced some abdominal cramps on 3 occasions.  Cramped till I could not move and have to breathe pretty slow to ease the pain.  Fortunately the cramps only last less than a minute.  It makes me wonder is that how contraction really feel at low pain meter??  I don't know because I never experienced contraction pain before.  I had Caesarean in the past. 

Comfy is important at this stage.  I am sleeping on my left side since 1st trimester.  I feel more comfortable sleeping at my side.  Everything I wear is  bigger size now.  The blouses, pants, dresses, bras and panties. 

My bra size has grown bigger by one cup.  From 36C to 36D.  After giving birth to my 2nd child in 2009, I has been on diet and managed to slim down.  Weight went down to 50kg. And my breasts also reduced in cup size too.  *wink*  Used to wear around 38C or 38D bras (depends on the brand) after my first child.  Now that I am a preggie for the 3rd time, I wonder my breasts will grow bigger too??  Not that I am complaining but I would prefer to maintain the current size.  And you know what I would prefer to be bigger and fuller?  My bum.  But after 2 children, it does not grow bigger much.  Lol!
The kids are excited to feel the baby movements as I let them touch my tummy.  And I let them talk to the baby as like the baby is present.  It is a way of bonding with the baby and they would not feel left out when the baby is actually born. 

And what is tonight food menu??  Our main dish is this nourishing chicken soup.  I bought a kampong chicken for RM19.70 from the wet market this morning and decided to cook chicken with red dates and mushroom soup.  Long time did not cook chicken soup. 


The kids can drink the soup, since they would not take the kampong chicken meat.  And I love red dates.  Good to take for my current condition.  *wink*


Hayley said...

Week 24 already, time flies huh?

Cute bump you have there, hehe~

Small Kucing said...

can see the bump liao... :)

Yeah me too love the taste of red dates

mun said...

Yummy and nutritious chicken soup! Good for the bump. :)

princess said...

Rose, your breasts will grow bigger as my breasts grew even bigger after my 3rd child. I used to wear 36D, after birth became 36G

You will look great with fuller and bigger breasts and bum... I am sure your hubby loikes them too. :)

angeline ong said...

Yeah can see the bump already.

If I'm pregnant, I'm just like double of my size. very ugly mummy that time.

So is a gal or a boy!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Congrats Rose. Going to be a mother of 3, I am sure you excited about it.
have a safe pregnancy ok:-)