Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Load of washing

I am still recovering from my cough and flu but much better now after a good rest on Monday.  If I were not bored at home, I knew my girl was bored!  Until I caught her looking through my recipe book yesterday afternoon.
This was actually my first recipe book!  Bought it when I dated my hubby back in 2002.  You know, want to win the heart of a man is through the stomach so been a "kiasu", I learnt some recipes from this book because my hubby is a great egg lover! 
It is kind of funny looking at my girl glancing through the book.  She was supposed to study for her exams but instead she was so relaxed and just taking her time doing revision.  Sigh!  Probably I worry too much.  
We have been blessed with hot sun since Monday and I could not stop myself from taking out baby clothing for washing.  Better get them done now than later.  Never knew I still keep so many baby clothing till I dig them out from the boxes yesterday.  I did give away some to few people but still, I have a lot.  Maybe I just could not part with some of them.  *wink*  Already cleaned some of the clothes and today will be some more baby clothings.

Those are the cleaned one. 

 I also dig out a set of baby bedding, i.e. pillow, bolster and blanket.  Just nice for a baby boy!  *wink*  But need to clean them up first. 

And dig out many other stuff like this piece.  I used it for my girl but did not used it on Baby Jay.  It is like those older time when the women wear them on their body. These pieces are tailored by hubby's aunty for our first born.  Wrap around the body to protect baby from cold and wind.  Do you have these pieces for your babies??


angeline ong said...

Nope I never seen this special wrap cloth for baby.

Small Kucing said...

so nice kept the baby things so nicely

suituapui said...

That's so nice...the "otto", we call it. Last time, people used to prevent wind getting in the tummy, would cause stomach ache.

Hayley said...

Reminds me when I was pregnant, I love to wash all baby clothes before hand, hehe..

Speedy recovery to you!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Are you expecting baby no.3? Congrats! :)

wenn said...

I have seen that piece before. It's being used on my sisters when they were born.

mun said...

I don't think I have seen the piece before. Wow! you really kept so many baby clothes so carefully.