Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning sunshine!

Good morning everyone!  It is a Public Holiday today in Malaysia.  Happy Workers' Day! 

We woke up after 7am this morning and who else but our kids that wake us up.  Our reliable alarm clock on weekends and holidays. Lol!

Lazy morning for me as usually I do not cook breakfast on weekends and holidays.  Just feel like sleeping more and wish the kids would not bother us but alas, kids are energetic beings and could not be ignored.  So I made them some peanut butter sandwiches and milk for breakfast.     

I love the morning sunlight shining in from the little glass panels on top of the staircase.  Natural sunlight.   
The sun is shining bright this morning so expecting another warm day today.  Alright got to log off for now.  My kids are shouting at the door waiting for me and hubby to go out for brunch.  Now we are waiting for my dad, mum and sis to pick us and have fish ball kolok mee in Batu Kawa Old Town.


Hayley said...

Happy Labor Day!

suituapui said...

Hot day...but by afternoon here, it rained. Still raining...

mun said...

I like morning sunlight in the house. Happy labour's day!