Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Miscellaneous Picture #1 : Small things

Supposed to go to Thailand during the school holiday but because of my unplanned pregnanacy we shall postponed our holiday to next year.  This school holiday we are not going anyway and the kids are not going back to the hometown. Nothing much is happening around the house, so I thought of sharing with you on some pictures that I took in the house.  

A little glass stopper to let us know when the sliding glass door to the kitchen is closed.  My kids used to play with it, but now they are bored and do not bother about its existence on the glass.

A set of calligraphy brushes owned by hubby.  However I only saw him did his calligraphy once at home.  Not so good, so he needs to practise more before teaching the kids. 

But he has a good hand on sketching and drawing.  Just like our girl who inherit his artistic skill.

A peek in my cutlery drawer, with the silverware, plastic spoons and forks and other smaller kitchen tool.  They may be kept in the drawer but once a while I still need to take them out and wipe each of them because of dust. 
Okana season may be over, but we still keep some of the seeds.  Hubby washed and dried the seeds and kept in a small container.  And they have been there and become a part of my decoration on the shoe rack!  Lol!  Got to boil and eat them some day.



Ez Vina said...

Nice drawing.

Libby said...

I like your kitchen and the glass door

mun said...

What are those seeds? Okana season - what's that?

Rose said...

Okana is the native word for Black Olive.

mun said...

Thanks Rose. Now I know okana is black olive.