Monday, June 30, 2008

Food for you?

I can never understand some people. They can eat anything. There is nothing in the world that they cannot take. They simply grab and swallow anything that placed in front of them.

I do not envy neither do I condemn anyone with such eating behavior, but sometimes I do not think that I am that adventurous enough to try anything extraordinary (to some, it is very ordinary!).

I watched a food documentary and it shown some of the bizarre food that you can ever think of that people do really eat around the world. Imagine eating a poisonous scorpion, live baby rat or monkey’s brain. Would you dare to try them?? I think I will chicken out or faint if those foods are placed right at my face!!

I heard of a story of someone turned into vegan when she saw a tortoise been slaughtered for its meat and shell. She vowed not to take any animal meats and products since then.

The most bizarre (to me) food I ever tasted is crocodile’s meat. It may consider exotic food in some part of the world, but for Chinese, they believe crocodile’s meat has some medicinal value. Don’t ask me what is the value, I don't bother to know. Anyway, I tried it once. The feeling of eating it was not comfortable, I just felt like the crocodile is looking back at me. Know what I trying to say?? Why I don’t feel guilty when I am having chicken, duck or fish? Because we are supposed to eat them, as it is a natural food cycle?


Hazel said...

me too quite fussy on food.

Nick Phillips said...

I've seen some people eat really weird stuff la. I'm the kind of person who only eats safe food like chicken, beef or pork.