Friday, June 6, 2008

Good to be home

There is nowhere great but been in your own home. It is good to be back to Kuching. I do miss Kuching, especially the familiar atmosphere, my car, food, roads and of course little gal.

I woke up pretty early today (as usual), little gal hopping on the bed trying to wake up her daddy and mummy. After taking my shower, I sent her to babysitter’s house. She is happy to be there as both babysitter’s daughter and granddaughter are around for the school holiday. So she has companion there.

What I did beside updating my blog and did some blog hopping this morning?? Well, busy unpack my bags, doing some laundry and cleaning up the room. Then I went out around 11am.

I am actually just came back from outside, it was pretty warm out there. I did my grocery shopping, dropped by my mum’s place for lunch and sent my car for a quick car wash! Everything was done in 2 hours! Now that is life in Kuching! *wink* My mum was commenting that I am fatter after the holiday! What!? Just been away for 4 days and I have gained some weight? Well, what ever it is, it is time for diet and serious exercises. *wink*

Jen asked me do I start to miss KL? To be frank, yes I do! I miss the shopping centre, good food and friends! Kuching – KL is just a distance, not so far with the convenience of air flight. It is no longer 1 hour and 45 minutes trip. The “to” and “back” flights only took less than 1 hour and 30 minutes. Yes, tomorrow is a public holiday! I have 2 more days before going back to work on Monday! Sigh! I am pretty sure the office will be busy like bee hives and I will need times to catch up with all those buzzing next week.


Anonymous said...

I always have problem with my weight after vacation :)

Rose said...

Nyumix, yes, we just let go everything and keep eating till we out of control! hahaha! :p