Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are you too nice?

When there is a boring task to be completed, do you find yourself told to do it?? What is your reaction to it? Do you complain if you feel you are being put upon or you just swallow it and get down to the task immediately?

Another scenario. A friend borrowed your favourite dress. When she returned the dress to you, it is complete with food stains and the worst thing is the friend did not tell you about it. What would you do? Say nothing and wash it yourself or tell her to get it cleaned at her expenses?

Are you being too nice to people? Sometimes it depends on what situation should you be nice to others. Do not let people take advantage of your good nature and kindness. Once a while, you will need to stand up for yourself and when you are right, stand your ground. Do not become a doormat.

It is good to help people but do not let them exploit your kind nature. Extend your hand when people genuinely need your help. Sometime running the occasional errand or drive a friend home does not mean that you are being taken advantage of. Just remember there are people out there that really need your help. Be smart in recognizing who worth your helping hand and who is just duping you to be their servant!


Nick Phillips said...

A long time ago I can be a little too nice at times for my own good. But these days I'm more direct with what I say to people ... must be getting old and grumpy la ... LOL!

Happy weekend.

Constance Chan said...

yeah. sometimes when you are too nice, ppl take you for granted. if you dont show them what you are made up, they will be walking all over you.

Have a friend who is very friendly. An expensive posh car coming fr the opp direction stopped in front and remove to budge although it was only one narrow way out, expected my friend to reverse. She told him nicely that he is in the wrong direction and asked him to let her drive out (from the car park driveway). He refused and won't budge. You know the next thing that happened, my friend after repeated asked many times, climbed on her bonnet and glared and then shouted at this egoistic fella that 'THIS IS A ONE WAY ROAD!' He got a shocked went into the car and reversed without any haste! She said the height certainly gave her more power! lol She said you need to find the right way to deal with such people. She was all ready for a

mumlovecooking said...

ConstanceChan: haha... that is a good one. But if me I would climb on that fella's bonnet & scratch his car lar :p