Friday, June 6, 2008

I am back

Guys, I am back from my holiday. I went to KL last Sunday. Hubby attended his training in KL, while I took the opportunity to shop around and catching up with old friends. Sales were everywhere but not that extensive; I guess most outlets are waiting for the Mega Sales months which are starting next month. Anyway, I managed to grab some good bargains for myself, hubby and little gal.

We did not bring little gal along, we left her to her baby sitter on Sunday afternoon. It was a difficult part of leaving her behind while I were enjoying myself in KL. (Yeah, it makes me guilty too, but I guess it is a transition where every parents and children has to face, isn’t it? *wink*) We flew in around 4pm on Sunday afternoon but I took an earlier flight back to Kuching on Thursday morning where as hubby was in the afternoon.

Once we reached our hotel on Sunday evening, we called Jen and her babe up for a dinner. It was fun to meet up with Jen and her babe, and they were generous enough to drive us around for nice dinner somewhere at Sunway area. Nice meeting you again, Jen. Thank you for sparing your times meeting us. *wink*

For the next 3 days, after bidding hubby goodbye and had my breakfast, an old friend came to pick me up from the hotel. We went to 1 Utama on the first day, then Sunway Pyramid on second day, and back to 1 Utama on third day since I did not finish walking around on first day. Check out what I have bought.

My first day shopping

2nd day shopping. Lesser compared to 1st day

Every evening, we met up with Jen and babe for dinner. In Kuching, our dinner is usually around 6pm something, but here it was around 9pm something. It was like takeing a supper for me. *wink* The latest dinner we had was on Wednesday night, we had it around 11pm. Blame the petrol price hike. When the news of price of petrol increased to RM2.70 on Wednesday afternoon, everyone rushing like mad to the petrol station to fill up their cars. We stuck in the traffic jam from 1 Utama to our hotel in PJ for 3 hours!! What’s more! Jen’s car also almost out of oil! Luckily our patience paid off, we manage to fill up the car amid chaos at one of the petrol station. So much for the jam and petrol adventure! *wink* I heard from a friend that there were a demonstration somewhere in Satok Kuching yesterday in regards to the price hike?!

Oyster Mee Sua (RM6.00) from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks. I tried its XXL Crispy Chicken (RM6.00) too!

Banana Walnut Belgian Waffle (RM7.50) at Waffle World. At the back is Caramel Banana Belgian Waffle (RM6.60)

Food we had at SS15 on Monday evening. 5 of us, eating like we never had our meal before! Hahaha. Mostly seafood dishes if you can see here.

Amid the chaos, I have much fun, shopping around, catching up with old friends and good food. I think I gain few kilos, having late dinner! *laugh* If you want to know my adventure, you can check out at Jen's place too! She has been my story teller cum diary for the past few days! *wink* Thanks Jen.


Zooropa said...

Enjoyed your trip to KL? Sure you did looking at the food and stuffs you bought!


Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
I had fun too and enjoyed it very much! Very happy to catch up and talk and laugh like crazy!

Rose said...

Hi Dora, yes, it is fun going to KL. :) Maybe the next round I am there, we can meet up??

Jen, yeah, it great to catch up with you and others

Constance Chan said...

I was in Penang, then Selangor last week! Spent about 10 days altogether. I forgot about 1U. i only went to MidValley and Sunway Pyramid. I prefer the latter cos MidValley is so much like the Sg malls already. Sunway has Malaysian identity for me.

Rose said...

Constance, I miss Penang and its food! It has been ages since I been there! Maybe someday I will drop by and taste its Penang prawn mee again! Yum yum

Sue Sue said...

Hey you are in KL ah and in SS15 too. Very near to my work place leh. Looks like you have lots of fun here ya.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose,
Wah.....berabis you shopping! :-)
Glad to hear you guys had loads of fun in KL. :-) Have a great Sunday!

Rose said...

Hi Sue! I make sure next time I going, I will contact you 1st! :)

Thanks Billy's mom. Now I am bankrupt, over-spending! hahaah! Need to save in due to increasing in petrol and expecting increasing prices of food soon!