Friday, June 27, 2008

Quiet this side

Darling hubby SMSed me around 530pm telling me that he was on Happy Hours once arrived KL this afternoon. Geez! Should I be jealous or just laughing thinking he is having all the fun on the other side of the ocean?
It was pretty quiet at home, only me and little gal. Luckily I have little gal as companion otherwise I would be bored to death at home. Last night's thunder and rain were very extreme that our electricity tripped more than 4 times!! Last night there were hubby and sis-in-law. If the electricity tripping tonight with only me and little gal, I know I have to save both of us! What to do? Luckily I have a spare touchlight in the room for emergency. Lighters are available too. You know, smokers. They tend to like to leave lighters around, in the bedroom, balcony and even bathroom. But lighters can be dangerous too. I can hear the thunder now, but so far no rain yet!! Pray to god that it would not be any heavy rain and cold night again.
What me and little gal would be doing for the couple of days with the dad's absence? We can think of something for ourselves. I am going to bring little gal for her vaccination tomorrow morning after breakfast then follow me to my office in the morning for a short while. Hanging around at my parents' place sound good too. As for Sunday, I would be working in the afternoon, so need to trouble baby sitter to look after little gal for a while......


PEARLY said...

Is terrible when hubby not around .
I will go up stair with my 3 kids very early and watch TV in my room with all 3 of them .
cos I am so scare to stay down stair hahahhah
have a lovely weekend xxxxxxxxxxx

Rose said...

Hi Pearly! Yeah, chilling out with my gal in the room. I always love to stay in my room. hehehe

Nick Phillips said...

Well, this would be a great time for some bonding between the two of you :D

And do keep extra batteries for that torch light too, ya?

Rose said...

thanks Nick for the advice. :D

mumlovecooking said...

You should keep those lighters at higher ground, some place that your little gal can't reach. You know those emergency lights with back-up batteries are very useful too. It automatically light-up when the power is cut-off. Should have a few of that at home.

Rose said...

Thanks mumlovecooking for the advice!! Yeah, keeping all those lighters on higher ground and in sealed container. Very dangerous