Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free credit score

Hubby told me that he has finally settled one of this credit card recently. How glad I am, as he has been struggling with his debts. He is holding 3 credit cards under his name. He has started to file his credit statements and keeping good records of his accounts.

I was amazed with his progress and recent good credit score so he told me his secret. He has started to analyze his credit report well by keeping scores of all his credits every month. According to hubby, maintaining a good credit report is vital in improving his credit score. He knows where his credit goes, what the score is and how to settle debts. He has induced me to get free credit score. Although I am currently holding one credit card, I have get myself a free credit score in case in the future I am planning to apply for another one. I am benefiting from the online credit bureaus services by knowing how to manage by credit and create good credit rating as well as protecting myself from any card frauds.

I have no worries about credit debts and card frauds since I get the free credit score and using the services fromonline credit bureaus. Now I have good sleep every night.

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Hazel said...

it's glad ur hubby had settle one of his credit card. do be careful while using credit cards even it can give us many advantages