Friday, June 20, 2008

I wish I could

Sometimes I wish I could online 24 hours a day and posting and blog-hopping as much as I could. Nah, unless I am a saint and no need sleep, I would love to jump into my blog and do the things I like. And of course do not care what the world outside my bedroom be and with hubby and little gal screaming next to me when I do this posting! Hahahahah!

But I believe come rain or shine, a blogger is always a person that cheerfully express his or her ideas and feelings to everyone that care to share with him or her!! A blogger will never stop or give up on himself/herself and his/her blog(s)! That is what a true blogger should be.

It has been more than 6 months since I start blogging and I love the experiences and funs I have shared with other bloggers. It has been wonderful knowing all those nice people around the world. I am grateful to all my blogger friends who have been there, supporting and encouraging me all this while. Thank you to all of you. So grateful as I am, I would love to pass this beautiful award to everyone in my link. Jen, thank you for handing me this award, you are a true daily blogger yourself! Thanks everyone and have a nice weekend!


Zooropa said...

Congrats for the award! Yeah, we all just too addicted to blogging!


MamaBoK said...

Yes..! i wished i could blog hop everyday too.. but health does not permit to .. these days.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
No need to thank me for the daily bloggers award:) U earn it ^_^