Saturday, June 28, 2008

An extra hand

Hubby is complaining about the weekly cleaning lady even though he is miles away from home. He received call from the cleaning lady saying she couldn’t make it today, so asked whether can come over tomorrow instead. I have no choice but to call the cleaning lady back saying I wouldn’t be at home tomorrow as I am working so she has to skip this week and come next Saturday.

As for hubby, he was saying how unreliable she is, we have to fit to her time instead of her fitting to our time. Not only that, he has been complaining about the way she cleans our house. Not that sparkly clean anymore, unlike the first few rounds. Sigh! Anyway, I am not complaining much as I am comfortable with such arrangement for the time being. I don’t have times to clean up the whole house although it is only a terrace corner house. But again, there are some many stuff around the house, so it does require quite a bit of clearing and cleaning to do if you really get down to doing them!

As I was saying, I need the extra hands as much as I can for time being. Initially plan to have a stay-in maid, but we do not have enough room for her. There is left one room vacant, but it is reserved for my parents-in-law as they drop by Kuching very often nowadays. So if we do get a maid, then where my parents-in-law is going to sleep?? We have been weighing the cost of having own maid than having a weekly cleaning lady to come over. RM30 per session, so one month it costs RM120. If we have maid, then she will be looking after little gal, saving the RM500 fee. RM500 is pretty expensive in Kuching for a baby sitter, but usually I pick little gal late in the evening if I go to aerobic. Furthermore, I am expecting to work pretty late soon. So an extra RM100 for her time is nothing since she has been looking after our little gal well.


mumlovecooking said...

Dont get a stay-in maid, heard lots of horror stories about maid run away with $$, abuse kids, bring home boyfrien when you are not around.

sigh, really not easy for working mum.

Nick Phillips said...

Sometimes doing all that stuff yourself is the best solution.

And it's really not easy when you have to work at the same time too though ...