Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home Alone

I was chatting with my sister via Messenger and she asked whether I am afraid to be alone at home. I told her I am not afraid, I have little gal as my companion. *wink*
She was actually commenting that my hubby and sister-in-law would be flying away this weekend, and me and little gal would be alone at night. My sister offer her room for our shelter should we decided to stay over for a night and so. Hmm, I have yet to decide whether I want to put up a shelter over her place as I would be working on Sunday afternoon and do not want to trouble her with little gal. Some more, little gal is very naughty and will cry for me. It would be wiser choice to place her at her baby sitter's house.
As young I have never like to go out at night, prefer to stay at home watching television. I were used to be home alone, with the rest of the family going out for window shopping or supper. You can call me a watchdog for the house! *laugh* So, now that I am older, I tend to like to stay at home more. Gosh, I must admit that I am older! I seldom watch television now, but catching up on books and magazine. And of course teaching and playing with little gal are some of my night activities now. I am no longer that keen to go out at night. Do you feel the same once you have family too? Or just me?? *wink*


Nick Phillips said...

It's the same with me, I don't really go out much at nights or after work anymore these days. I guess once you have a family, you'd rather be staying home more ...

Zooropa said...

When I was younger, I love go clubbing & dance. Now, I rather stay at home watching movies with hubby!