Saturday, June 14, 2008

That's my line

We, Malaysian has always pride ourselves to be courteous and polite. We have been reminded to be courteous to others, regardless of age, race and gender. Remember the television advertisement on giving our seat to other in need in the commuter? However I cannot deny that sometimes certain people are just too arrogant and inconsiderate to others.

Like what our government trying to educate us on giving our seat to those in need such as elderly, pregnant women and disabled people may it be in bus or commuter, I am proud to say that the situation is getting better now compared to 10 years ago. I remember when I was studying in West Malaysia, using commuters and buses to go from one place to another. It is common sight to see people cramping in the commuters and buses, and no one giving their seats easily to other.

When it comes to queuing up, I believe not everyone has that patience to wait in the queue. Long line at the payment counter. You will notice someone cutting another person’s queue. What’s more annoying is that the inconsiderate b*****d pretend that it is alright and ignore other people’s criticizing look. Why can’t he wait like other people too. We are waiting and taking our times waiting to pay, and suddenly another person cutting the line.

I read in The Star dated 10 June, in one article a ikan bakar seller in Kuantan was assaulted by an agitated customer. The proprietor told the customer to stay in line as the customer himself was cutting the long queue by walking up to the head of the queue. It did not reported as on how the seller tell the customer to wait in line, but what cause the customer to lose his temper and assault the seller in front of many customers??

From this incident, it is clearly that it is becoming scary and challenging for a person (may it be rightful owner, cashier or other customer) to tell the person to queue in line. We don’t know the consequences, right? We may be assaulted when the other is wrong. Maybe with a right approach we can get the other person to understand and willingly to wait in queue. My question is why can’t a person wait patiently in first place when other is also taking their times to wait too??


Nick Phillips said...

Malaysians are a rude bunch of people with no manners!

I've seen that happen so many times and if it happens to me, I'll definitely give them hell!

Rose said...

Yes Nick. But see the situation, if it is a bunch of youngsters that wanna cause problem, you better not deal with them bare hands.....those people are really there to create trouble.