Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food for the soul

When you are not feeling well and lose your appetite, the food that crosses your mind is definitely porridge. I don’t know about you but I never like to take porridge. When I was small, I tried to avoid porridge as much as I can. The most I would take a very small portion just to please my mum.

Mum will cook plain white porridge with many condiments such as salted fish, salted egg, preserved fu chu and salted vegetable that go with it. Sometimes she will add in dried squid and chai poh (preserved radish) into the porridge to make the porridge smell and taste nice.

Now that I am married and mum is no longer stay near to cook when I am sick, I am feeling home sick thinking of her porridge. Isn’t it ironic? Now I miss her porridge. *laugh* Since mum is not around, I will have to resort to cook it or hunt for porridge somewhere else.

Today is just one of those days when I feel like having a bowl of porridge. Thank god I find a good place that sell nice porridge! Teochew porridge set in Hong Kong Noodle House in Jalan Padungan. Only RM4.00 per set and it comes with 5 dishes. I had kiam chye with sliced chicken, roasted duck meat, salted egg, tau chu (fermented bean curd) and fried bean curd. It makes my day.


Hazel said...

i love porridge also especially the time i am sick

Zooropa said...

I don't take Teowchew porridge but normal chicken/fish minced/slice porridge even NOT during the sick time. hehehe...Anyway, hope you get better today!


MamaBoK said...

I missed porridge like this.. and so cheap some more..! boy..!! i missed home..!