Monday, June 9, 2008

There goes my resolution

After few weeks of break from exercise, I can feel that I am gaining some weight. Why not? Eating like no-one-care and having dinner at such hours of the night during the holiday. So, thought coming back to Kuching I can start my aerobic regime immediately today.

However the aerobic class was cancelled as the instructor is sick! So much for my enthusiasm. I have not been going to my aerobic classes for almost 3 weeks (this week is 3rd week), as on the first week, the instructor was on a pre-Gawai leave. Then last week, I was in KL and the class was not even on since lesser participants due to public holiday and school holiday.

So no classes for almost 3 weeks and I am breaking my new year resolution of been constantly going to aerobic classes. A colleague recommended me another aerobic centre, very near to my work place. I shall give it a try tomorrow. Since it is nearer and started only at 545pm, it would be an ideal choice to give it a try. My current class start at 530pm and it is about 30 minutes drive from my work place. However it is in between of little gal’s babysitter’ house and our house, so I usually reach home around 7pm after the class. I guess with petrol increasing and fuel is very expensive, I may have to plan my trip well, and start to weigh the cost of going to this place and that place.


Zooropa said...

You're lucky that u can reach home rad 7pm even after the aerobics. It's great for me to reach home before 8pm .


Rose said...

Kuching is different from your place! everywhere is accessible after 6pm! hahaha!