Sunday, September 11, 2016

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It is Jamie's 3rd birthday today. And since it is a Sunday, I requested for a little prayer and birthday song singing in his Sunday school this morning. Like this, he can shared his special day with his little friends.

Youngest darling in the house

I bought refreshment and packed goodies bags for the kids as well. Snack time is one of the kids' favourite time and it is also when they are at their most co-operative moment.

Goodies for the kids

Happy boy

With his teacher

Snack time

After the church, we had a birthday lunch for the birthday boy. Post on that lunch is coming up.

In few months time Jamie will be going to kindergarden. I am excited and anxious for him. For now, I am going to enjoy the mum-son time with him before he starts schooling. 

Playing with his new toy

Happy birthday, Jamie! 


mun said...

A very happy birthday to Jamie!

Imemily said...

A very good way to celebrate his birthday :)
you are great mummy

suituapui said...

Happy birthday! Wahhhhh!!! They sure grow up very fast!!! Very soon you will be like most parents these days - just the old couple left at home, their kids flown off to places all over the world. Sighhhhh!!!!!!

Blackswan said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your precious little one, dear! He must be real happy with all the presents! xoxo

PH said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie! He is such a cute boy :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

My apologies for the last wishes, Happy Belated Birthday to Jamie...

Unknown said...

such lovely day ;)

Sharon D. said...

How time flies. Jamie's growing up so fast! That also tells me that I've been reading your blog for years..haha ;)