Monday, September 19, 2016

Hot spring

Schools are here again! We had a great one-week school holidays. Hubby were around during the weekends and we did brought the kids to countryside for day trip.

First was a visit to a hot spring in Annah Rais, a Bidayuh village not so far from Borneo Highlands.

Who would have thought that a dip in the hot spring could be so rejuvenating? I should have gone to one sooner.

I have never visited a hot spring in my whole life till early last week when hubby suggested to visit Annah Rais hot spring. The kids were super excited to go on a road trip and then the thought of experiencing natural hot spring was overwhelming for them (and me too!).

We started off with an early morning drive after a quick breakfast. The drive to Annah Rais took us about 1.5hours and it was a challenging drive through the small hilly and village roads.

We remember the long winded roads as we had been to the same route to Borneo Highlands last year. And we couldn't believe it took us over a year to visit Annah Rais but we glad we made it this time round.

About 1km to Borneo Highlands, we spotted the road sign saying to turn left to Annah Rais. So few more minutes further in, and we saw a bridge to Annah Rais and its surrounding Bidayuh villages.

The new bridge is under construction....

and after obtaining information over here, we were told to use the old bridge (next to the under-constructed bridge) to the hot spring.

About 10 minutes drive and we reached the entrance to the hot spring.

Entrance fee is RM5 per adult and RM3 for children 7 to 17 years old. Operating time is 8.30am to 5.00pm.

After paying the fee, we walked along the path which took us about a minute to reach the stream and hot spring.

Along the path, there were many plants and trees mostly fruit plants like bananas, jack fruits and pineapples.

Getting nearer and we could hear noises. And we saw a rest place in front of us where they have changing rooms, toilets and shower place.

That was it!! Actually we were expecting a bigger pond of hot spring. However we were early so not many people sharing the hot spring then.

It was warm but not too hot to burn our skin. Of course no steam coming out from the water as my kids imagined.

After spending almost 30 minutes in the hot spring, we waited for our body temperature to be back to normal before jumping into the chilling stream. The kids could not wait to play in it. And the sands and rocks in certain parts of the stream were surprisingly warm but not the gushing water.

It was nice to spent some time in the hot spring but it was crowded during weekend and holidays. Heard that Panchor hot spring is better, bigger, and hotter. Furthermore it is nearer to Kuching as along Kuching-Serian road. That would be our next hot spring destination. And must remember to bring some eggs to be cooked then. ^^


Somewhere in Singapore said...

I will loves this place...

suituapui said...

Some places, the hot springs would have steam coming out. I would love to go for a dip, maybe can melt away some of the fat. Muahahahahaha!!!

Hmmm...if there are hot springs around Kuching, that means there is volcanic activity - like Sabah.

Phong Hong said...

How interesting! I have never been to one.

lina said...

Wah! Nice!

You all sure had a nice school holiday activities. :)

Yee Ling said...

Wow..nice holiday trip. Back to nature trip is always fun and relaxing. So much to see and explore.

reana claire said...

From hot to cold.. nice! But I am fearful of water, that is the reason I sent my three kids to learn swimming when they were young so that they wont have the water phobia like I do... Most kids love water, don't they... :)

Ez Vina said...

Nice, i must go one day.

Azura Chan said...

Sadly, I've never been here too. 😭 On my bucket list. hehe

mun said...

Sounds fun to dip in a hot spring!

Nancy Chan said...

We have one hot spring in Ipoh. I have been there once or twice before but that was a long, long time ago.

Hayley said...

Nice one, FOC and it's the best way to get close with nature~~

Sharon D said...

I know I would love to come here! I enjoy hot springs, have been to a couple - Poring in Sabah and one here in Perak. Lovely share, Rose. :)