Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A private lunch

After our church service, we went to this cafe cum car wash in Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho.

The car wash was packed with cars in need of wash. So we went to the cafe which is named The G Cafe for lunch. What does the G stand for? I am not too sure. But one thing for sure, we were looking forward to try this new place out. Some place new to celebrate Jamie's birthday that day.

The cafe was prettily decorated and set up. Very chic and rustic looking on one part while another part of the dining place was very comfy with low coffee tables and sofas for that relaxing dining experiences.

One would need to order and pay for your food and drink in the counter. Food and drinks will be sent over to your table by the waitress.

Hmm. The menu looked good to me. Guess what was our order??

One part of the dining area

Nice candle holder on the table

Cool wall

Nice spot for a photoshooting

No tables available downstair so we went upstair to our table. And guess what, Pokemon fever was here too! I know Pikachu but not sure of the other one.

Any Pokemon fans here?

View of the downstair from our room

The only table available was in this private room. Cool. We had the whole room to ourselves. Sorry ah, no one was invited. *wink*

And the kids can enjoyed themselves all they want in here.


Live, Laugh, Love


While waiting for the food, the boys entertained themselves with the UNO cards. 

It did not take that long for our food to be served. First to arrive was this super delicious Aglio-olio. We specially requested no chilli so the kids can get to enjoy it.

Aglio olio RM25

They were generous with the mussels. And I did ate most of them since hubby knew I love mussels so much.

Then we were served with this pretty and appetizing House Salad. Hubby thought mine was better than this! *wink*

House Salad RM16

And another must order was this Fish N Chip. Surprisingly it was good.

Fish N Chip RM22

I love the tartar sauce. Did not taste the coleslaw though. The fish was good, flaky and crispy. Not overly covered in batter.

That was it. A nice family lunch in a private room while our car was in the car wash. 

Operating hour : 10am to 12 midnight


Hayley said...

You really can blog everyday, salute!! I wish I can do that too, but time doesn't allow, hoho!

Love the interior of this cafe, kinda unique..

PH said...

Nice cosy place and the food looks delicious. So your salad is better. Definitely lah!

suituapui said...

Car wash plus eatery - who came first, this one or The Original Carwash/Cafe Cafe? Fish and chips looks good. I wonder what fish they use. Cafe Cafe uses dory, double thumbs down.

Rose world said...

This one opens later, I think this year.

Nancy Chan said...

I would love this place too. Car wash cum cafe with nice food. I like the setting of the place. By the time you finished your meal, your car would be ready.

mun said...

What a nice place to have your meal while waiting for your car to be washed.

Unknown said...

I agreed with Mun.

We didn't have this kind of eateries when I was a kid in Kuching. That was many moons ago.

Reanaclaire said...

I was eyeing the fish n chips on the menu.. True enough, you ordered that.. :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Same with Hayley, salute you for able to blog often....

I had fish and chip recently too, still inside my draft...

Sharon D. said...

Omigosh...the food looks amazing. I'm admiring the decor too. Great place to eat and catch up. ^.^