Thursday, September 22, 2016

A day in Permai

Over the one-week school holiday, we brought the kids to explore new places and drive to countryside. One of the places was Annah Rais.

On Malaysia's Day, we went to Permai to enjoy the beautiful sunny day in the beach.

One thing we are grateful for is the beach is just less than an hour drive. We are blessed to live so near to the South China Sea!

We have been to Damai beach few times so this time we decided to go to Permai, which is just next to it. It was the kids' first visit to Permai.

After paying the entrance fee (RM5 for adult, RM3 for children above 7), we walked to the jungle pool for a cold dip. Took us about 5 minutes walk to reach there.

The water in the pool was cold as surrounded by trees. Not too deep but one has to be careful of the big rocks in the pool.

Jamie was not keen on the pool so while both of us waited for the others to enjoy the water, we walked around the jungle path.

We could see some cabins and tree houses.

We even caught these big mushrooms on a tree trunk.

After spending almost an hour in the pool, we walked back to the beach and these breath-taking views greeted us!

Beautiful sky and sea. Looked at them! Everything was so blue! I could need a vacation right now!

It was noon so we did not spent so long on the beach. We decided to have our lunch in Rainforest Cafe but oh boy! We spent nearly 2 hours in the cafe.

Must have been the holiday and many tourists dining in the cafe. We waited nearly 2 hours for all our food to arrive. Oh well, luckily we would be able to enjoy the beautiful sea and breeze on the cafe. Took our minds away from food that moment.

The kids have their roti canai each. RM10 per plate. Both Jay and Jan finished and cleaned up their plates.  The roti was crispy that was why they loved it.

Hubby's Rainforest fried rice with salted fish (RM10) was good and fragrant. It came with nice crackers and sambal at the side. My hubby took a part of the crackers and broke it into smaller pieces and mixed into his fried rice. His style of eating fried rice with cracker. And the rest of the crackers? Divided among the kids. Lol.

My nasi lemak (RM15) was last to come. By then I were famished! Overall it was alright but the curry was too oily and sambal was on the sweet side.

After our long lunch, it was over 3pm in the afternoon. The sun was warm and tide has came further into the beach.  Amazing sea view greeted us.

Now basically you could jump into the water from the bridge!

Of course you need to watch out for the kayaks as people started to bring out the kayaks into the water at such hours when water is higher and nearer to shore.

I had my sun bath while the others enjoyed themselves in the water. After spent an hour there, we took our leave.

We were fortunate as just when we started our drive, the sky turned gloomy and heavy storm poured on us almost the entire journey back home.


suituapui said...

The roti canai looks like those frozen ones or at least the homemade ones that some people make for sale, frozen. I've had some very nice ones.

Cracker that came with the rice looks good too - not those horrible tasteless mini ones.

Lovely place. Here, if you say Permai, that would be the ever sinking housing estate opposite the general hospital.

Phong Hong said...

Very nice place. The food looks pretty good but such a long wait!

Ez Vina said...

Nice. I never been to that Permai pool yet.

reana claire said...

Looks like a relaxing time for both adults and kids, Rose... Nice..

Nancy Chan said...

I prefer the beach to the jungle pool. I like what you all had for lunch. Everything looks yummy. I am hungry now, no dinner yet!

mun said...

What a lovely nature place! You all are truly blessed to be living an hour drive away from such a beautiful place.

Libby said...

Such a nice trip, such beautiful sea view, I love it!

Merryn said...

Roti canai at RM10 is a bit pricey right? I'd rather have the fried rice at that price. Whenever crackers come with rice, the boys will be the first to grab them. I wont have the heart to eat them and always give it to my monsters. Haha.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

How i wish i were there, as i loves nature...

Sharon D said...

Hah! You make me feel like I need a holiday, Rose! ^.^
Such a beautiful place. I could totally live here with this view.