Saturday, June 4, 2016

From countryside to beach

This was very impromptu. Our unplanned last minute holiday escape.

When we woke up on Friday morning, and after a discussion in bed on what to do, in more than an hour later, we were on the road heading to Lundu, a small and serene town that is famed for its beaches that overlooking the South China Sea.

The kids were happy to be on the road again. The other day we were heading to the East (Sri Aman), this time we headed to North-West of Kuching.

Over the 2 days Gawai holiday, we did went to the countryside and smaller town visiting hubby's Dayak friends. We drove as far as Serian. You could say, we spent quite a handful of time on the road last week! Phew!!
road to Lundu

Back to our Lundu trip. We did not booked any resorts or homestay; we went there on light and easy mode.  And in backpackers' style.  See which place has any available decent room for us, we just check in! And believe me, it wasn't easy.  But it was fun and something of an adventure and experience for us as a family.
Lundu town

a park in the town

Our first family beach holiday in Lundu was back in 2008 on National Day when Jan was smaller and the recent one was on Good Friday in 2013 but we did not stayed overnight on that trip. And now with our youngest, we had our 3rd trip to Lundu over the school holiday!

This trip to Lundu was more fun and kids were enjoying themselves more there than in Sri Aman. Oh well, beach and water. Who doesn't love them?

We enquired few beach resorts there and even tried to pre-book for 22 July long weekend but no good news. So on Friday, we spent a day in Lundu in Union Yes Retreat and paid RM35 for the use of facilities.
Union Yes Retreat Centre

We spent more than 4 hours there. Had our lunch there before heading to the beach and swimming pool.

Weather was fine; not too warm and no sight of rain while we were there. 

But not so much well said for the lunch we had in the retreat cafe. Definitely not the nicest we haveever had. However the fresh watermelon juice was a very welcoming thirst quencher!

Watermelon juice

My young boy drinking his juice

Finger sandwich

Tom yum seafood

Stir-fried kangkong

The storm started just after we departed from the retreat centre. Regardless of the bad weather, we had our dinner here and went home safely. Everyone slept soundly that night.


Emily Tang said...

looks fun for a family outing

suituapui said...

One week to go, can make a trip to Sibu

lina said...

What a nice trip!

I miss the beach.

mun said...

Nice outing to the beach! Glad to hear that you beat the storm.

Ez Vina said...

So, no overnight in Lundu?

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nice trip...

Nancy Chan said...

Lundu looks and sounds a very popular place to be fully booked during the holidays.

Sharon D said...

What a lovely way to spend the holiday, Rose. I enjoy road trips like these! ^.^

Merryn said...

So nice! I iz very sad. Supposed to go to Penang yesterday but si Ayden woke up feverish so we had to cancel. Luckily the resort was very nice and did not impose any cancellation fee on us :(

Phong Hong said...

Roads trips can be fun when you stop by for sight seeing and nice food.