Saturday, December 26, 2015

To Buntal for seafood

I remember it was 6 months ago when we dined in Buntal. Buntal is famed for its fresh seafood. So it is no surprise that locals and tourists-alike would drive all the way to Buntal for a scrumptious meal.

Last Saturday, we decided to drive for about an hour using Batu Kawa-Matang-Samariang road to Buntal. Sight-seeing in the country-side and maybe a swim in the beach later but luck was not on our side as it rained after we finished our lunch.

Back to our lunch, we had ours in Teo Seafood in Buntal. It was slightly before 12 so we were the 2nd table there.

A must order dish in Buntal would be this sweet and sour jelly fish (RM11). It was exquisitely crunchy and chewy, coupled with pounded nuts for added texture.

Hubby loved this starter so much because they added pounded peanuts on top and the jelly fish was fresh.

Then we had this stir fried midin with garlic (RM13) which was good and crunchy.

The star of our lunch has got to be this fried salted egg crabs. So so appetizing with that saltiness of salted egg and sweet flesh of the crabs. Very meaty crabs; 2 of them for RM35.80.

On our table, we also have this sweet and sour black pomfret (RM32.20). Must eat it while it is warm. ^^

Needless to say, our meal costs RM113 plus drinks, so it was not so pricey at all to dine here.

By the time we stepped into our car, it started to rain cats and dogs. So we just went for a car ride in Damai and then headed back home.

And these were the shots I took while on the way to Buntal when the sky was gloomy and drizzled a little.
Matang hill

Matang hill

Muddy Samariang

A barge


mun said...

I love to eat seafood. The fish dish looks so tasty!

Anonymous said...

Used to go all the way to Buntal for seafood. Have not gone for years and years now...and Matang Pool - my younger days, we went there on picnics with my friends. Never been for a long time too. Maybe one of these days, I should go over on a long visit...go to all the old places that I used to love.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves the crab...

Nancy Chan said...

Rose, all the dishes are what I would love to order too. Now I am thinking of my next seafood meal. Lol!

Sharon D said...

Oh my ...I am loving the jellyfish dish! Other than the rain, what a lovely day out. Happy 2016 in advance. :D

ChrisAu said...

The Jellyfish looks so delicious!!

Ez Vina said... hungry now..;)

Hayley said...

Crabs!! I realize I love crabs more now after given birth to Toby, hormonal changes I guess? Haha!

Small Kucing said...

yum yum...quite some time i have not had crabs.... drooling liao

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Rose

Merryn said...

Ooooh that jelly fish dish! I love it too especially with lots and lots of crushed peanuts on top. Yums.

lina said...

Hungry lah looking at the food! Haha

Angeline アンゼリン said...

I love the crabs...yumz

Yee Ling said...

I feel like eating crab again. But looking at my finger...I feel the pain again. Hahha