Friday, December 4, 2015

Munch time

Sometimes I got to treat myself. School holiday is here, which means I have time for food hunting and have dates with friends and my kids. For instance, I tried out this cafe which I have never been to last month.

It is one of the cafes in Kuching that is trying to be different and standing out from others. 

Kuchingites would be happy to have a bowl of Sarawak laksa or kolok mee for breakfast but in Munch Cafe, you could enjoy few varieties of sandwiches and bagels freshly made in-house. And they claimed they only using unbleached flour and no preservatives in their bread.

But they got to do something about their menu. Looked old and not so presentable after so many hands handling and flipping through them. Lol.

Located next to 7-11 (same row with Secret Recipe) in Jalan Song Thian Cheok, it serves breakfasts, lunches and teas. Opens daily from 630am till 400pm except Sunday.

I had a brunch date in Munch Cafe one day with a girlfriend while my kids tagged along. Actually before that, I noticed this cafe and saw quite a crowd there but wonder what so good about it. Interior was simple and not so attractive. But I guess for Kuchingites, it is the food that matters.

This was what we munched on that morning.

Baguette sandwich

My friend's baguette sandwich with turkey ham, cheese and vegetable (RM7.00) was very filling.

For me, I had its Ciabatta sandwich with fried egg, cheese and vegetable (RM6.00). I love Ciabatta bread. Crispy yet chewy.

Ciabatta sandwich

My girl ate her plate of peanut butter toast. They named it "Just peanut toast" for RM3.90.

I assured you by the time we finished our sandwiches, we were too full to do anything, least to finish up our drinks.

Wu Wei Tang (RM3.90)

Nevertheless I got to finish this bowl of Wu Wei Tan (RM3.90) as I never leave anything to waste. But I would wish they added more ice flakes to this dessert. Taste-wise it was not sweet and great on a warm day.

We did not try its noodles as we heard unfavourable comments on their noodles. Maybe because no MSG added in their noodles and other dishes. Maybe another time I will be back for its noodle dish.

Well, I would not mind having sandwiches and bagels for breakfast sometime. I think they are healthier than laksa and kolok mee. *wink wink*


Anonymous said...

I would love this place, a welcome change from the usual.

Small Kucing said...

Wu wai tang? Fisrt time heard of this. Learn something new liao today ☺

Merryn said...

I can never have breakfast outside. By the time the entire family wakes up it is always close to lunch time >_<

Nancy Chan said...

Both baguette and Ciabatta sandwiches look good. I too love crispy and chewy bread. Wu Wei Tang is new to me but it looks refreshing.

Shirley Tay said...

Food hunting sounds nice, dear! Love doing that too! xoxo

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Loves the baguette sandwich with turkey ham, cheese and vegetable...

Yee Ling said...

The sandwich and Hainanese style toast are my favorite.

mun said...

Good that you finish all your food. I also do not like to waste food so if the portion is too big, I will stuff my face and then suffer for it.

Sharon D said...

Phew..! I am totally admiring you for finishing all that ..haha! ^.^